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Evaluating Classifier Models in Vertica

Co-authored by Elizabeth Michaud Vertica provides an out-of-the box machine learning toolset that covers a complete data science workflow. The toolset includes several distributed functions for evaluating both classifier and regressor machine learning models. The goal of this blog post is to demonstrate how you can use the built-in functions for evaluating the prediction performance...
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Announcing Vertica Version 9.2.1 – Take Analytics Efficiency to the Next Level

This week, some very cool things have gone into the newest version of the Vertica Analytics Platform that make your analytics fly and save on your AWS budget. The theme for this release is Improving Vertica in Eon Mode Integration with Amazon S3, and there are a whole bunch of new features designed to do...

Accept the EULA When Installing Vertica

After installing Vertica, you have to ACCEPT the EULA the first time you start admintools on any Vertica node. To avoid having to do that, you can accept the EULA during the install using the --accept-eula or –Y option! Example: Helpful Links: Have fun!

Using sed to Handle Empty String NULL Values Enclosed in Control Characters

You can load data files into a Vertica table using the COPY command. Your data can be delimited and separated by control characters. Unfortunately if you also enclose NULL values as an empty string, you might run into a data cast issue. Example: One work around is to clean up the source file using the...

Tracking the Current Transaction Start Date and Time

The built-in Vertica function TRANSACTION_TIMESTAMP returns a value of type TIME WITH TIMEZONE, which represents the start of the current transaction. It’s very useful for keeping track of when the transaction started for a group of table inserts. Example: dbadmin=> INSERT INTO test SELECT 1, SYSDATE, TRANSACTION_TIMESTAMP(); OUTPUT -------- 1 (1 row) dbadmin=> INSERT INTO...

Single Sign-On for Support: New Login for Passport Users

As part of the Micro Focus ongoing IT transformation, we have consolidated single sign-on systems to improve your experience of interacting with Micro Focus. All Passport users need to create a new account. To maintain your current access rights, you need to register with the same e-mail address you used with passport. If you use...
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Data Day Texas: Keep Your Architecture Open and Avoid Mindset Lock-in

Data Day Texas is an event in Austin that was started about nine years ago by an old acquaintance of mine, Lynn Bender, who founded Global DataGeeks. The one big theme that struck me this year as running through the whole conference was the highly cooperative landscape that has developed between proprietary and open source...
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Another Way to De-Duplicate Table Rows: Quick Tip

To remove duplicate table rows it is typically better (i.e. faster) to create a temporary table that contains all of the distinct rows from a table, drop the original table, then rename the temp table to the original table’s name. The issue with that solution is that you’ll need to be sure that the original...

Combining Functions to Extract Discrete Data From a String: Quick Tip

Vertica has 1000s of built-in functions including String Functions, which perform conversion, extraction, or manipulation operations on strings or return information about strings. Regular Expression Functions let you perform pattern matching on strings of characters. There is real power in combing Vertica functions to accomplish almost any task in SQL. I want to extract the...

Finding All Columns Storing Some Value: Quick Tip

A long time ago a database developer asked me how she could produce a list of all table columns in the database which store a given value. Note that she was in the process of normalizing tables and wanted to find every fact table that referenced a particular string value to replace it with a...

Viewing External Table Definitions: Quick Tip

An alternative to importing data into Vertica is to query it in place. For that we use external tables. Once an external table is created you can view its definition via the TABLES system table. Helpful Links: Have fun!

Display Tables Referenced by a View: Quick Tip

Jim Knicely authored this tip. Vertica 9.2 introduces the new VIEW_TABLES system table that shows details about view-related dependencies, including the table that reference a view, its schema, and owner. Helpful Link: Have fun!