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April First

Fun April Fool’s Day Trick Using Directed Queries

Directed Queries in Vertica encapsulate information that the optimizer can use to create a query plan. Directed queries can serve the following goals: Preserve current query plans before a scheduled upgrade. In most instances, queries perform more efficiently after a Vertica upgrade. In the few cases where this is not so, you can use directed...
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Vertica Announces Vertica Analytic Database, Eon Mode on Premises, Academic Edition

April 1, 2019, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vertica is pleased to announce Vertica in Eon Mode on Premise, Academic Edition.  Vertica’s director of marketing, Ross Pushback, says “Schools have always utilized personal analytics.” [We think he means “report cards” – ed.]   “Our contribution is the flexibility offered by the separation of compute and storage, which schools...