Storage not Accessible and Vertica Fails to Start on Host

Posted June 14, 2018 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer

When the database host is still up and available and the power is on, Vertica storage may be inaccessible. Vertica may be down and the disk volumes /data and /catalog are unavailable. To troubleshoot, follow this checklist:
Step Task Results
1 When the host rebooted, was there a problem auto-mounting the file systems? If yes,
  • Manually mount them.
  • Add an entry to /etc/fstab to auto-mount after the next server boot.
  • Review Linux logs for possible disk failure and errors.
If no, go to Step 2.
2 Are one or more disks are offline due to a hardware or mechanical disk failure? If yes, check the RAID set and hardware controller for errors and messages. Check for multiple disk failures. If no, go to Step 3.
3 Are the hardware RAID protection settings, RAID 0, for example, incorrect? If yes, rebuild the RAID set using hardware RAID protection RAID 1+0 or RAID 5. The data for the failed host can be recovered from another Vertica host only if K-safety is set for the database. If no, go to Step 4.
4 Does the disk volume need repair? If yes, run fsck: fsck /dev/sta2If no, go to Step 5.
5 Do you need more information? If yes,
  • Check /var/log/messages for additional information and errors.
  • Check the manufacturer’s disk utility (hardware console) to verify configuration and review errors.
If no, go to Step 6.
6 Is the disk mounted “read only” because of disk errors? If yes, system data protection is enabled. Vertica will not start and fails on host with read-only file system. Remount the disk or correct errors causing the read-only filesystem. If no, consult with Vertica technical support.

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