Perfect Vision 20/20 – Vertica’s 20 coolest features to see in 2020

Posted June 4, 2020 by Mark Whalley, Manager, Vertica Education

I was asked some time ago whether Vertica was just another SQL database.  I could have just said “Yes” and left it at that.

However, my passion for Vertica would never have allowed me to leave it at that.  Rewording a famous UK High Street retailer’s tag-line, “This is not just any SQL database, this is Vertica’s SQL analytics database”.  I would then go on to elaborate just what it was that made Vertica stand out from the crowd, and how our customers are now doing things they previously only dreamed of.

Like so many of my colleagues, on a day-to-day basis we continue to instil the virtues of our beloved Vertica to those who ask.

As we started a new decade, and with yet another feature-rich release of Vertica, I decided it was time to put something in writing.  And thus Perfect Vision 20/20: Vertica’s 20 coolest features to see in 2020.

If you too are interested in seeing just what it is that gets us so excited about Vertica, then head over to our YouTube channel and savour a short presentation.  You may be surprised at just how impressive Vertica is!


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