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The Vertica SQL Driver for Go

We are happy to announce the alpha release of the Vertica SQL Driver for Go. Go, also called GoLang, is a statically-typed, high performance language, syntactically similar to C. Originating at Google, it has grown rapidly in popularity over the past decade and has become a language of choice for highspeed components. The Vertica SQL...
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Is Data Warehouse as a Service Out for Your Blood?

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to watch the popular, yet alarming HBO documentary – . If you haven’t seen it, it’s a true story that centers on Elizabeth Holmes, ex-Theranos CEO, who dropped out of Stanford to build a company that promised to revolutionize blood testing using a small amount of blood from...
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Can You Hear Me Now? Network Optimization at Work

For sports fans, there’s nothing that matches the heart-stopping action of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament – more commonly known as March Madness. This year’s tournament delivered a four-year high in terms of its , causing an advertiser frenzy in hopes to capture those audiences. If you watched this year’s tournament, you couldn’t...
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Create a Python UDx to Order a List of Values

User-Defined Extensions (UDxs) are functions contained in external shared libraries that are developed in C++, Python, Java, or R using the Vertica SDK. The external libraries are defined in the Vertica catalog using the CREATE LIBRARY statement. They are best suited for analytic operations that are difficult to perform in SQL, or need to be...

See You at IoT World Conference Next Month

Are you attending the IoT World Conference in Santa Clara from May 13-16th? Come by booth #1254 to hear why more and more companies, including medical device manufacturers, wearable product developers, network service providers, and manufacturing intelligence software companies, are turning to Vertica to manage their growing volumes of IoT data. Vertica is purpose-built for...

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Forcing a Merge Join

The Vertica optimizer implements a join with one of the following algorithms: Merge join is used when projections of the joined tables are sorted on the join columns. Merge joins are faster and use less memory than hash joins. Hash join is used when projections of the joined tables are not already sorted on the...
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Displaying the Vertica Code Name

Every major release of Vertica has a code name. To find out the Vertica code name of your database, you can query the DC_STARTUPS Data Collector table. Example: Helpful Link: Have fun!
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Doing In-Database Machine Learning 1 – Why Would You Do That?

Co-authored with Paige Roberts. A lot of modern like Vertica allow you to do machine learning from end to end, right in the database, rather than moving and transforming the data first into something like a Spark dataframe or a Python data structure. Whenever people hear about this capability, they have two questions. The first...

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Descending Sequences

The default increment for a Vertica sequence is 1. But you can also create a sequence that has a negative increment so that you can have a count down. Example: Helpful Links: Have fun!
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Display Session Sequence Cached Values Remaining

To optimize the performance of large INSERT SELECT and COPY operations, Vertica uses sequence caching. To allocate cache among the nodes in a cluster for a given sequence, Vertica uses the following process: By default, when a session begins, the cluster initiator node requests cache for itself and other nodes in the cluster. The initiator...
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Is This a Leap Year?

A Common Year in the Gregorian calendar has 365 days. A Leap Year, which has 366 days, occurs nearly every 4 years. One algorithm to determine if a year is a Common or a Leap Year is: I’d like to create a user-defined SQL function in Vertica that will let me know if the year...
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How Old Am I (In Months)?

You are probably aware that Vertica has a built-in function named AGE_IN_YEARS. It returns the difference in years between two dates, expressed as an integer. Example: My son is turning 18 this year! I was curious to know how many months he’s been on the planet, so I figured that I could just multiply his...
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Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Start-Ups on the Fast Track

Tuesday, 4/30/19 Workbar Back Bay 6:00-8:00 PM Are you a data-driven start-up that makes decisions based on insight from high-performance analytics and machine learning? Would you like to choose the best analytical tool/ML for the job beyond limited open source offerings, but don’t have the budget? Do you want to hear best practices on how...

5 companies that are using data analytics to transform customer experience

Analyzing customer behavior is becoming a mandate for every business in every industry to understand, engage, and retain customers – with the ultimate goal of increasing lifetime value. By understanding how your customers behave and interact with your organization, you can better serve, and profit, from the interactions. Data is central to this equation in...