New EMEA business survey reveals challenges in the move to predictive analytics

Posted January 13, 2022 by Sabrina Corazza

To discover today’s cloud and data analytics trends across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Vertica recently surveyed 240 data experts from industry-leading organizations in these regions. We wanted to learn how businesses are leveraging data analytics and what challenges they are facing when implementing predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities in their organizations.

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As Vertica’s director of education and business development, based in Switzerland, I was happy to see that predictive analytics was one of the top priorities for 2022 among the EMEA businesses surveyed. But the fact that 36% “were unsure how to go about working on predictive analytics,” and only 25% “are successfully implementing AI/ML models in production” made me stop and think. Clearly, the next wave of data analytics beyond monitoring and reporting – i.e., predictive analytics based on machine learning – is presenting many organizations with some difficulties.

I encourage you to review the complete survey results via this handy infographic. As you will see, “3 out of 5 organizations face serious challenges” when taking on machine learning. The reasons for these difficulties are, in order: lack of data science skills, integration of different data sources, and the time it takes to work on these projects.

We understand these challenges. It’s why we’ve designed Vertica to help organizations new to data science get started by using the familiar SQL language as they approach machine learning. For team members who have more experience creating and scoring machine learning models, we’ve developed the VerticaPy library to make it easier and faster to build Python-based models and explore importing and exporting those models via PMML – the Predictive Model Markup Language.

But having great technology is only part of what we have to offer teams just getting their feet wet in predictive analytics. Our Vertica Academy offers a wide assortment of free courses that will help you with the concepts of ML and show you how to tackle a variety of related tasks using the Vertica platform. When you register as a Vertica Academy member, you’ll find classes on everything from loading data, to denormalization and aggregate projection types.

Or, if you’re brand new to Vertica, the “Vertica Essentials” course takes you on an exciting journey toward mastery of the product, and you learn the basic concepts behind data analytics as you go.

At Vertica, we realize that not every business today is taking on the challenges of machine learning and other aspects of AI. But we believe they will be in the not-too-distant future. When you’re ready to take the next steps in data analytics capability with machine learning and AI, please give Vertica a try. You can then use your free trial software to take advantage of the free training Vertica Academy has to offer, and you can use your own data in the process, too.

We’ll look forward to your enrollment.