Learn How Much Money Vertica Can Save Your Business

Posted January 7, 2020 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

Calculating ROI

The ROI for software systems is notoriously tough to pin down. The effort to integrate new software with systems already in place often adds time and labor costs to the upfront investment. What’s more, if there is any cultural resistance to change, then the ROI can be impossible to measure for months or years, or possibly never realized at all.

Not so with Vertica. This screaming-fast analytical database uses a columnar design unlike row-oriented RDBMSs. Customers report their queries returning results hundreds of times faster than with other SQL-oriented methods of analysis.

But how does that speed translate to ROI?

Nucleus Research reveals clear Vertica benefits

You might say that “speed” and “ROI” are related in the same way that a company’s CTO and CFO are related. Technical capabilities that promote speed, efficiency, and ease of use appeal to IT management, while cost savings and other factors that contribute positively to the bottom line appeal to the CFO.

A 2019 study completed by Nucleus Research notes that, increasingly, the purchase of new software is governed by the CFO for precisely that reason. Today’s software systems are supposed to save money, and CFO decision-makers are taking charge of the investments.

The study also underlines the reasons more CFOs should consider Vertica as the platform for enterprise data warehouse analytics: Vertica, on average, saves businesses $4.07 for every dollar spent. That value derives not just from the 75-80% improvements in query speed, but also from

  • Data compression: Vertica’s columnar storage occupies up to 90% less space than row-store databases. This makes it possible for businesses to run queries against data sets much larger than before, in less time, leading to data-driven business decisions in near real time.
  • MPP architecture: Vertica’s massively parallel processing allows businesses to scale out using industry-standard hardware, as well as the resources from today’s public cloud vendors. This simplifies and reduces the cost of increasing data targeted for analysis compared to appliance-based or other specialty hardware based systems.
  • Flexible licensing: Vertica’s licence is designed to give you as much freedom from infrastructure lock-in as possible. You can deploy on premises, in the cloud of your choice, hybrid, or change infrastructure over time as your requirements change. Development, test and high availability clusters are included, not tacked on for an extra charge.

New benefits calculator shows how much you’ll save with Vertica

Would you like to see how much a Vertica investment could save your business? Our new benefits calculator offers four categories for estimating ROI: Increased productivity (ability to save on labor costs); Reduced technology support costs; Increased profits; and Hardware savings (based on data compression capabilities). You simply answer a few questions, and the dollar savings are returned to you for each of the four categories.

When you actually try Vertica for yourself (you can get started with a free download of the Community Edition), you’ll get the sort of speed and flexibility that will impress your IT management team. In the meantime, you can use these ROI calculations to get the attention of your CFO office.

Calculating ROI Benefits

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