IOT World 2019 – Backing Up the Buzz

Posted May 24, 2019 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

Woman asks questions of panel at IOT world with audience
Connected and autonomous vehicles. Smart Cities. Smart Buildings. Predictive maintenance. Lots of robots. This must be IOT World 2019, where more than 12,000 IOT enthusiasts joined at the Santa Clara Convention Center to learn if IOT had “jumped the shark” or if we are just now learning how businesses can ultimately gain advantage from trillions of connected things.

As our third consecutive year as a sponsor, Vertica was one of an increasing number of database vendor sponsors to share why managing and analyzing large volumes of sensor data, particularly time series data, requires a more scalable and proven approach than yesteryear’s enterprise data warehouses and overhyped and underdelivered data lakes.

Cutting through the buzz words and the connected gadgets, attendees were most interested in seeing actual evidence of companies using sensor data to capitalize on the growing number of IoT analytical use cases, particularly using machine learning. The people asked. Vertica delivered.

Meet Zebrium for Intelligent Dev/Test Forensics and the Team Behind Nimble’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics Platform

Gavin Cohen, VP of Marketing, for Zebrium, joined us at the Vertica booth to share how the Zebrium platform automatically detects, triages, and speeds ups resolution of failures. Powered by Vertica, Zebrium uses unsupervised machine learning to structure logs and metrics, so that developers and testers can understand what’s normal and what’s not.

Many device manufacturers asked us how we could help them with their predictive maintenance initiatives. Most industrial or large capital equipment like MRI machines have been connected for years, but the approach to remote diagnostics and repair still remains largely reactive. Gavin formed Zebrium with many other founders and early pioneers from Nimble Storage, a leader in flash storage solutions that was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2017.

A key driver behind HPE’s acquisition was Nimble’s InfoSight Predictive Analytics Platform (again, powered by Vertica), which automatically detects 90 percent of all issues within a customer’s infrastructure and resolves more than 85% of them without any human intervention. With Vertica, Nimble also achieves 99.9999% availability and 287% ROI for an annual benefit of $13.6 million.

VidSys Reveals the AI Brains Behind Auckland Transport’s Smart Cities Initiative

Iot AI Aukland Intelligent Transportation IOT World also dedicated an entire track to Smart Cities. In our sponsored session on the final day of the event, Vidsys presented how “IOT Joins Forces with AI to Enable Auckland Transport’s Intelligent Transportation System.” A valued Micro Focus partner, Vidsys built the intelligent AI system behind Auckland Transport’s smart cities initiative, which allows for complete control of all CCTV to monitoring of transports within the Auckland region to ensure public safety and improve efficiency throughout the transport system for its 1.4 million citizens.

VidSys uses Micro Focus IDOL for real-time video analytics to detect traffic violations, congestion, and parking problems, as well as uncover patterns for optimization and planning. VidSys relies on Vertica for advanced geospatial analytics to monitor vehicles on-road with exact location and movement, operational monitoring, incident management and anomaly detection  and predictive analytics for route optimization.

Predicting and preventing downtime. Automating support. Making cities safer. Helping farmers increase their yield through AgriTech. We’re just getting started with IOT Analytics – so ignore the noise and ask for successful real-world use cases as you evaluate and choose your analytical platform.