Investigate Data Collector Table Data Produced by Scrutinize

Posted September 5, 2019 by James Knicely, Vertica Field Chief Technologist

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The diagnostics tool scrutinize collects a broad range of information from a Vertica cluster. Part of the output from scrutinize includes data collector table data. Once extracted, we can easily load the data from a data collector table file into a Vertica Flex Table for analysis!

Let’s take a look at the data from the DC_ERRORS data collector table stored in a file called Errors on node 2.


dbadmin=> CREATE FLEX TABLE scrut_errors();
dbadmin=> \! pwd
dbadmin=> COPY scrut_errors FROM '/home/dbadmin/VerticaScrutinize.20190903125316/v_test_db_node0002/normal/DC/Errors' PARSER fdelimitedparser(delimiter=E'\1', record_terminator=E'\2');
Rows Loaded
(1 row)
dbadmin=> SELECT compute_flextable_keys_and_build_view('scrut_errors');
Please see public.scrut_errors_keys for updated keys
The view public.scrut_errors_view is ready for querying
(1 row)
dbadmin=> SELECT time, message FROM public.scrut_errors_view ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 5;
time | message
2019-09-03 23:19:18.652508-04 | Database "test2" does not exist
2019-09-03 23:00:34.489693-04 | Cannot rollback; no transaction in progress
2019-09-03 23:00:09.944802-04 | Cannot rollback; no transaction in progress
2019-09-03 23:00:09.686553-04 | Cannot rollback; no transaction in progress
2019-09-03 22:59:02.376097-04 | Node startup/recovery in progress. Not yet ready to accept connections
(5 rows)

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