In Loving Memory of Phil Molea

Posted March 20, 2019 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer


Phil worked for Vertica as an Information Developer for close to five years.  He was a very important part of our Vertica team and part of our Vertica family.

Phil enjoyed working in the Vertica community, the base product documentation, as well as with our Technology Partners.  He was very well liked and respected and the type of person that was always willing to step up and help.

Phil meant a lot to many people.


Thank you for your incredible contribution to Vertica and the team over the years Phil. We miss you greatly, but your legacy and impact will forever remain. – Colin M.

I truly enjoyed working with Phil.  He was always so positive and so very helpful.  He made parts of my job easier – only because he wanted to.  He is missed already, may he rest in peace.  – Linda C.

It was a pleasure working with Phil.  He was always open minded and ready to take on new challenges.  He will be missed.  – Amy M.

It was a great pleasure working with Phil. He will be missed. – Ilya G.

Phil was one of the few people who was here early every morning and very focused on his work. I miss seeing him. – Sharada V.

Phil handled every interaction with patience and kindness. He was easy to collaborate with. He made this a better place to work. – Jason S.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with him in many occasions, and learn from him. He was a great gentleman and professional human. Definitely I miss him like a brother. – Majid S.

Phil was a very kind person and always greeted with a smile. He was very dedicated and a very humble person. His presence in office will be greatly missed. May he rest in peace. – Pratik D.

Phil was a great person to work with.  He always looked at things and work with a very positive attitude.  We will always keep in our thoughts. – PE Team.

Phil was so easy to get along with and we shared many a chat on work and life. He won’t be forgotten. – Afe O.

Phil was always here ahead of me and happy to greet me with a smile – in fact, it was often just Phil, Majid and myself in our area for the first hour of the day.  Phil was in the office just a few weeks ago and while he did not seem himself, he was cheerful as usual.  I will miss his smile and the camaraderie we shared in the morning.  I like to think he is brightening someone else’s day now.  – Dave S.

It was great for me when Phil joined the Partner Engineering team. Between the two of us, we actually had a shot at keeping up with things. He was a good work buddy. I miss him very much. – Kathy T.

Phil will be missed.  He was always helpful when I needed some doc assistance.  He was very responsive and always prepared.  I enjoyed his weekly emails for the Vertica tips as well. – Wayne W.

Every time I think about blog posts for Engineering team, I will remember Phil. He was very quiet but when we needed him to edit a blog post for our interns or write a new feature post for us, he was always there and very responsive. May he rest in peace. – Nga T.

Phil was warm, welcoming, and generous with his time and knowledge – a true representation of the folks at Vertica. I am thankful to him for helping me understand our blog process, and will miss the being able to work with him in the future. – Deb C.

Phil was a wonderful colleague and a pleasure to work with. He was always ready to lend a helping hand and faced any challenge with a smile. He will be missed. – Soniya S.

Phil was a colleague who quietly did his job well without fanfare or fuss. Sadly, it may only be with his passing that we understand how much he contributed to the team and our product.  – Carl G.

Phil was one of those rare people that would always find the time to greet you when you would cross paths with him in the office. He definitely had a different appreciation for the little details in life. May he rest in peace. – Ariel C.