Fill the Gaps on Your Team with BDC Sponsors

Posted March 4, 2020 by Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Industry Product Marketing Manager

Team Touchdown with Vertica

Jeff Healey’s post about Larry Bird got me thinking about analytics in sports. When I was in graduate school, I attended a sports analytics conference sponsored by MIT. As you may know, Major League Baseball has compiled dozens of statistics over the years, and at that time was adding new ones that had never been tracked before. Analytics had become so pervasive that former ESPN personality Bill Simmons quipped on stage that they don’t even need to play the games – they could just simulate the entire season.

But one of my favorite sports, football, had a long way to go when it came to individual statistics. One executive brought up the example of a running back who had a good year. Is he really talented, or did his offensive line block exceptionally well for him? Did a prolific passing game open up space for him to work?

From an analytics perspective, football is the ultimate team game, and with NFL free agency and the draft quickly approaching, many teams are looking for a few players to fill the gaps in their team.

Does your own team need a little help for the upcoming season? The Vertica Big Data Conference is a great chance to find that speedy wide receiver or anchor the offensive line for your business, and you have several chances to interact with them throughout the week:

  • Visit the sponsor showcase, where our partners will share how they’re helping Vertica customers like you turn data into a competitive advantage. We’re even gamifying the experience, and we have some great prizes lined up as an incentive for stopping by and learning more about them. You might even get your next favorite pair of socks!
  • Our platinum sponsors, HPE and Pure Storage, will be on the mainstage sharing how they are working with Vertica customers today. Don’t miss their sessions.
  • Platinum and Gold sponsors will be hosting breakout sessions where their customers will be sharing the value of the partnership.
  • A couple of our sponsors will be featured on TheCUBE, and their presentations will be available online.

Data is definitely a game for a talented team. We all win by accelerating time to insight and getting answers into the hands of decision makers quickly and effectively. Sometimes, we don’t have all the players we need within the four walls of our organization. The Big Data Conference will be a great opportunity to add talent and knowledge to your team.

We’ll see you at the Encore!