Embedding Vertica Provides SysMech With Unmatched Telco Analytical Power

Posted March 27, 2019 by Paige Roberts, Vertica Open Source Relations Manager

Business person checking graph on digital tablet

One thing a lot of people don’t know about Vertica is that a lot of Vertica business comes from embedding in other software. The Vertica Analytics Platform is software only, infrastructure agnostic, has a small footprint, and robust API’s. All that means it works beautifully inside other applications. You probably use Vertica on a daily basis, and don’t even realize it. One good example of this for the Telco industry is SysMech.

SysMech offers telecommunications companies a powerful new generation of service management applications. SysMech makes Zen Operational Intelligence Software, which embeds Vertica as its analytical engine. Zen correlates complex data from 75 various sources, and relays information to hundreds of users in each Telco company. To serve customers cost effectively, Telco operators must be able to visualize, automate, monitor, report, and analyze across all their data sources, which include traditional network interfaces (radio access, core, transmission, probing, WiFi etc.) and also value-added services (billing, fault/alarm management, trouble ticketing, configuration management, and inventory systems).
“We needed to conduct real-time analytics, and for that Vertica is the best platform. It outperforms other databases in mass data capture and loading of real-time data, targeted for analytics.” – Andy Stubley, Chief Operations Officer
  SysMech’s Zen platform manages the challenges of late, missing, and duplicated source data. Zen also enables major telco operators to correlate data from any part of their network. Running these complex, high volume and variety data loads on a traditional row-based database was a huge cost center. Vertica provides an 80 – 90% hardware operational savings. And with Vertica, Zen’s capability to capture all the network data in real-time results in an 80 – 90% reduction in alarms.
“Vertica enables us to operate on hardware that’s a tenth or twentieth of what we would need to load data into traditional database engines. It’s a cost-effective means of doing projects that have been cost prohibitive or impossible before.” –  Andy Stubley, Chief Operations Officer
  A team of 80 engineers previously took two hours each morning to aggregate data from various areas of the network to conduct their analyses and run reports. Now, a streamlined dashboard, powered by Vertica, assimilates all of the data and provides visibility across the network before the engineering team arrives. With Vertica, SysMech customers can conduct a new range of analyses and predictions about such items as power consumption, performance, and equipment failures. Machine Learning is being used to address specific issues, such as, pinpointing network areas that were not carrying the amount of traffic they should—a revenue loss.
“We couldn’t do that without Vertica. It’s the fastest engine for this use case. We’re offering an environment where people can run work on data they couldn’t see before. That’s our differential.” –  Andy Stubley, Chief Operations Officer
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