Embedded Vertica speeds EOITEK’s growth in AIOps

Posted January 15, 2021 by Mike Perrow, Senior Product Marketing Writer/Editor

The phrase “digital transformation” has quickly evolved from a buzz term to an apt description for innovative changes evident today. More businesses are implementing the technical tactics that are actually bringing new business models to fruition, and that was the original promise: Doing things with digital technology that simply weren’t possible before. That was the hallmark of true digital transformation.

One of these companies is EOITEK, an intelligent big data solution provider based in China. They’re using artificial intelligence and big data technologies to help customers find value in operational and maintenance like never before. That is spelling new opportunities for their customers, many of whom hail from the financial services industry.

Two major features of EOITEK’s Sharplook platform have made it very attractive to their customers: 1) achievable AIOps, and 2) the ability to embed Vertica within the Sharplook architecture.

AIOps takes center stage

As more businesses are looking for ways to exploit the log data that results from daily transactions and other compute operations, EIOTEK is providing a way to aggregate that data with metric data so their clients achieve the broadest view of business trends. Vertica can handle the aggregation; it replaced Elasticsearch, which EOITEK had previously used against a Hadoop data lake. Reports and dashboards now load incredibly fast.

This speed and ability to analyze data from a variety of sources is making AIOps – AI based on operational data – a reality for EOITEK customers.

Embedded Vertica reduces hardware footprint and TCO

Having signed an OEM agreement to embed Vertica into Sharplook, EOITEK worked to optimize data queries to take fuller advantage of Vertica’s MPP architecture. Sharplook’s major new features include:

  • 80% reduction in customer hardware requirements, thanks to Vertica’s superior data compression – a dramatic lowering of TCO
  • 10x faster performance compared to Elasticsearch on a data lake
  • Tiered data storage uses Hadoop for active archive with direct query capability
  • Vertica’s advanced analytics capabilities to enable capacity planning and trend prediction.

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