Digital Marketing at Vertica

Posted January 22, 2021 by Ryann Sawyer, Marketing Specialist

Vertica digital marketing intern

My name is Ryann Sawyer. I am currently a senior at Stonehill College studying Business Marketing. Post-grad, I plan to pursue a career in digital marketing.

The world we live in today is undeniably digital. The way we learn, work, and communicate has been transformed by social media, smart devices, big data, etc. Through my education at Stonehill and my practical experience, I have grown fascinated by how the digital age has revolutionized customer experience. Notably, in the era of Covid-19, marketers have had to rethink their strategies and focus their efforts on digital.

This winter, I had the opportunity to work for Vertica as a Marketing Intern. My main role during these 6 weeks was to manage our Multimedia Library project. The purpose of this project was to build-up Vertica’s digital resource library with new assets to be utilized by both the Vertica Sales and Marketing teams. If you check out Vertica’s Resource Library, you will find a plethora of text assets, however living in a fast-paced world, not everyone wants to or has the time to read a comprehensive white paper. Our primary objective with this project was to create a variety of visual assets that provide a fresh and simplified way for customers and prospects to digest material.

To kick-off the project, I conducted research on industry best practices, and facilitated numerous brainstorm sessions. Once we determined what assets to focus on first, I designated roles to key stakeholders on the team. I then established a project timeline to plan out next steps and set expectations. One thing I especially value about this project was the opportunity to work in a cross-functional team. It was impressive to see all our ideas come together and transform into scripts, to storyboards, to the final product. I also enjoyed that this project enabled me to develop my project management skills, as well as apply my creativity in translating complex ideas to simplified visuals.

Despite this internship being virtual due to COVID-19, I could not have asked for a more rewarding experience. I am extremely grateful that I was able to collaborate with such a skilled group of people who supported this project and encouraged me to share ideas and feedback. Also, a big thank you to my mentor, Maura, who was always available to provide guidance when I needed it. I am extremely grateful for this internship opportunity with Vertica and the hands-on experience it provided me.


Some of the results of Ryann’s work, such as the new Vertica Cloud Benchmark video, can be viewed on the Vertica Youtube channel.