Delivering personalized retail promotions using AI and predictive analytics

Posted July 31, 2019 by Ben Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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The retail industry is undergoing rapid change as online retailers, brick and mortar establishments, and e-commerce platforms compete for market share.

Not only is the retail landscape changing with the explosive growth of online shopping, but new technological innovations are disrupting the way retailers interact with customers, manage store operations, and optimize supply chains. In this new era, the most disruptive retail companies will be those able to harness data as a core asset and use advanced analytics to create an agile and efficient supply chain, enable customer-centric promotions, empower store-level decision-making, and deliver a seamless e-commerce experience.

As competition in the retail industry intensifies, one thing is clear… one-size-fits-all retail promotions and shopping experiences will no longer work in a market of increasingly savvy and knowledgeable consumers. Customers have grown to expect more relevant, personalized experiences over broad-brush marketing campaigns, and this evolution is forcing both brick and mortar and online retailers to rethink how they connect with individuals using highly personalized promotions delivered through their preferred channels.

What if retailers could get ahead of this trend and deliver more effective, relevant promotions by predicting if, what, when and for how much an individual is likely to purchase? This is exactly what Vertica customer SO1 is enabling organizations to do at massive scale. helps retailers leverage customer basket and loyalty data to deliver smart, automated promotional decisions at scale across millions of customers. The solution is fully automated and designed to fit a retailer’s specific business goals (i.e. revenues, profit optimization, customer satisfaction or brand sales).

Want to learn more about the solution? Join our latest Data Disruptors webcast, which will cover:

  • How SO1 can track shoppers’ purchasing habits and preferences in real time
  • How the solution builds an AI generated Promotion Feed which takes individual preferences and retailer goals into consideration
  • Key aspects of SO1’s cloud-based predictive platform and data architecture components
  • How Vertica’s performance has accelerated data understanding and preparation to increase productivity for sophisticated AI modeling

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