DbVisualizer Free for Vertica Distribution Updates

Posted October 8, 2018 by Phil Molea, Sr. Information Developer, Vertica

Stephen Crossman authored this post

Recently, there have been some changes in how DbVisualizer Free for Vertica is distributed. Previously, there were standard DbVisualizer Free and Pro Edition distributions available on the DbVisualizer web site, and there was a special DbVisualizer Free for Vertica distribution available on the Vertica Marketplace.

Now, in an effort to simplify the build and distribution process, Vertica Partner Engineering worked closely with the DbVisualizer team to eliminate the special build and split out the license required for the DbVisualizer Free for Vertica functionality. Elimination of the special build also allows customers to keep their DbVisualizer updated to the latest version.

You can now simply download the DbVisualizer Free Edition from the DbVisualizer downloads page and then follow the steps in the Vertica Integration with DbVisualizer Connection Guide.

In the “Installing the DbVisualizer Free for Vertica License” section of this guide there is a link to download and save the license file, and instructions on how to install it.