DataGals, Colin, Meg, and Micro Focus

Posted July 3, 2018 by Soniya Shah, Information Developer

Business Team Meeting Discussion Working Concept
Crystal North authored this post. What is Inclusion & Diversity? What is an ERG? Those questions are asked often and I am beyond excited to answer them. Inclusion & Diversity are what fuels any sort of growth in any capacity. From family, to friends, to education, to community, to company, to organization, etc etc etc, inclusion & diversity is where we not only include, but embrace and empower the differences amongst all people. ERG’s are employee resource groups that are groups that are led by employees who have volunteered to foster and embrace inclusion and diversity within organizations. I am proud to say that I am one of those ERG leaders who voluntarily tries to connect and empower those of all groups, but more specifically, women in data here at Micro Focus (Vertica). Two weeks ago, we hosted another virtual session with guest speaker Colin Mahony, SVP/GM of Vertica within Micro Focus. Colin has been the executive sponsor of DataGals since it became an official ERG under HPE Software 2 years ago and is now the executive sponsor for both the local and WW Micro Focus chapter. Colin has always supported inclusion & diversity, as well as gender equality in the workplace. He spoke so fondly of his time working for Meg Whitman and how they still talk periodically. We asked Colin questions about the future of Vertica and how we are embracing cloud economics, data preparation for machine learning, enhanced machine learning functionality, and security. We also talked about the spin-merge with Micro Focus and how the cultures integrate because at face value Micro Focus and Vertica are quite different. Colin is SO optimistic about the spin merge and the ability for Vertica to be a part of a software company. We finally get to be a little star and as part of the growth business, we have lots of folks rooting for us. It was great to hear Colin speak to the men and women who are a part of the DataGals membership. I am so proud to be a part of a business unit that supports inclusion & diversity and have the leadership support to specifically empower women in technology. We are still fresh into the spin-merge. It is my hope and my goal to continue to be the voice of women in tech and to have more and more people rally behind the effort while building a community, network, and support system.