Datadog Announces Integration with Vertica to Monitor Performance and Availability

Posted October 14, 2019 by Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Industry Product Marketing Manager

Vertica text on blue background with purple jagged data line

Datadog helps customers ensure high performance and availability of their applications by providing visibility into the full application stack: infrastructure, middleware, and applications. They have achieved this by building a robust set of turn-key integrations that include SaaS and Cloud solutions, automation tools, databases and server components, and many more. Now, they have announced integration with Vertica.

With Datadog’s newly announced monitoring capabilities for Vertica, you can achieve enhanced visibility into your analytics environment and:

  • Ensure high availability. Vertica uses K-safety to ensure high availability – if one node goes down, copies of the data are stored on other nodes in the cluster, and those nodes take over. Datadog monitors the current K-safety based on real-time node availability, so users know if there is a risk that their data might not be available.
  • Monitor resource usage. Vertica’s performance is, in part, dependent upon the underlying infrastructure, and Datadog enables customers to monitor storage space and memory. As the amount of data in the database grows, resource allocation is another lever users can pull to improve overall performance.
  • Get context for performance issues. By collecting and analyzing Vertica logs, you can understand what factors are affecting performance or availability issues, and properly address them.

Datadog integrates with other technologies around Vertica, such as Kafka and Hadoop, and provides full API access to bring observability to the full data stack. For more information and to evaluate, and use Datadog with Vertica, read their blog post.