Data Innovation Summit 2019

Posted April 9, 2019 by Mark Whalley, Manager, Vertica Education

Vertica Team at Data Innovation Summit booth
Having attended the Big Data Analytics – Europe event in Rotterdam on the 12th March, on 14th/15th, Captain Mark Whalley and fellow Captains from Vertica Airways paid a flying visit to the Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm.

Whilst there, they crewed the Vertica booth answering questions from passengers and visitors and assuring them that their journey with Vertica would be smooth, stress-free and reliable.  They also pledged that the journey would be comfortable, extremely fast, and that transporting a high number of passengers to their destination was something they were more than cable of doing, and could provide affidavits from many a satisfied customer.

To demonstrate that they were true to their word, on 14th they held an open workshop at the Summit.  During this 100 minute session, those who were curious as to what Vertica was capable of, were given free rein to unleash their queries against a database of 20bn records (just a drop in the ocean to what Vertica is capable of handling).  The database in question was one in which the positional details of 10,000s of aircraft had been collected from Geneva, JFK New York and Pennard (where?), and was growing at over 100m records per day!

Needless to say, everyone was impressed, with one attendee writing what was probably the simplest of queries that was submitted to the database, and read:


On the 15th, Captain Mark Whalley was invited by the DIS organisers to participate in a Technology News Event in their Data Octagon.  During this 12 minute discussion, which was simultaneously broadcast on Youtube, Mark presented a topic “Vertica.  It’s just another SQL database, right?”, in which he talked a little about the history and architecture of Vertica and how it stands out from the crowd of other RDBMs.

Capt. Mark Whalley and Technology News Interviewer

If you are interested in seeing the Technology News Event again, it can be found here on Youtube, and if you would like to know more about the Flight Tracking Vertica Workshop, Captain Mark Whalley can be contacted via

Happy flying!

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