Channeling Greatness with Vertica

Posted May 4, 2020 by Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Industry Product Marketing Manager

Micro Focus was recently featured on The Channel Company’s list of The Coolest System and Platform Companies of the 2020 Big Data 100. What makes Micro Focus so cool?

Of course, it has a lot to do with Vertica. Some of the largest, most data-driven companies rely on Vertica for real-time and predictive insights, and many products embed Vertica as the analytics layer of their applications. It’s a great platform to build on, and nobody knows that better than Micro Focus, which embeds Vertica in many of its other products.

It’s also a great platform for resellers and service providers to embed within their business! Consider these advantages to partnering with Vertica.

Analytics Market

IDC expects the market for Big Data and Business Analytics solutions to grow by double digits through 2022 to $274.3 billion. There’s a lot of money to be made helping customers manage their data, and it is truly a “land and expand” business. Some of our largest customers started with just a few Terabytes. Every database is going to grow, and partners can grow with their customers.

Partner Program

Vertica officially launched the newest version of our channel program early in 2019. We’re not that old, but we have the power, resources and expertise of the award winning Micro Focus channel program to support us. We have dedicated technical and marketing resources, high-touch account managers, and a field sales organization who recognizes the power of partnerships in driving value to our customers. We see partner success as an extension of customer success.

Technology Integrations

Vertica is an open platform with a rich set of technology integrations. We plug in seamlessly with most ETL tools, as well as Kafka for streaming datasets, and we connect with all of the major Business Intelligence/Visualization tools. We have a fantastic team that continues to churn out new integrations for our customers.

For the channel, that means our partners can easily move to the later stages of the partner lifecycle. Vertica resellers get great margins through our channel-friendly financial model, but the best value in the partner ecosystem can be found when partners build fully-baked solutions around Vertica. Because we’re so open, we fit seamlessly into virtually any data pipeline or application stack to deliver extreme performance at scale.

Halfway through the fiscal year, we’ve had a ton of success in the Vertica channel, with a lot more to come. If you want to build a business around data and analytics, our team is here to help! Drop me a line on LinkedIn and we can get started!