Award Winning – Vertica Proves It

Posted June 12, 2020 by Jeff Healey, Vice President of Marketing, Vertica Product Group in Micro Focus

June has been quite a month of industry recognition for Vertica and its customers. Fresh off earning top leadership position in GigaOm’s Radar Report for Evaluating Data Warehouse Platforms, Vertica has once again been named to this year’s DBTA 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data, a special list that salutes today’s top companies in data management and analysis.

Vertica Named to DBTA 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data

Vertica is one of a handful of data analytics offerings in the DBTA 100 that provided a “View from the Top,” written by industry executives describing how “their companies are uniquely handling data management problems and opportunities.” Read Joy King’s article to learn how Vertica helps data-driven organizations to unify data silos driven by massive data lakes combined with the growth of cloud object storage.

Philips Wins IDC European Data Strategy and Innovation Award

Even more rewarding is when our customers achieve recognition for their predictive analytics initiatives based on Vertica. IDC’s European Data Strategy and Innovation Awards 2020 celebrates European trailblazers. It recognizes excellence in the organizations’ strategic consideration and management of data, and use of data, analytics, and AI to drive innovation, new products, and services, and operational excellence. Philips won Runner-Up Award for Innovation with AI.

Award seal - Data Powered Business RUNNER-UP

Here’s the abstract from the award submission with some additional detail on Philips’ predictive analytics initiative:

Philips has tens of thousands of connected medical devices around the world that include mission- critical MRI machines and CT Scanners. Every imaging system contains many sensors and generates daily large volumes of data: a single MRI system can generate millions of log events each day and hundreds of thousands of data points from its sensors. Philips realized the potential of this data for predicting medical device technical issues and built a big data analytics solution by combining its own HealthSuite Digital Platform with the Vertica Analytics Platform.

Datamation Names Vertica Top Data Warehouse Tool

To round out our recognition so far in June, Datamation recognized Vertica as one of the top data warehouse tools that offers enormous competitive advantage in processing data analytics for business across all sectors.

Datamation estimates that investment in data warehouse tools is growing dramatically – from its current size of ~$21 billion to $34 billion by 2025. In choosing the appropriate data warehouse technology, Datamation recommends keeping these factors in mind:

  • Interoperability with your existing system
  • Cloud or on-premises data center
  • Cost
  • Overall vendor focus

Datamation recognized Vertica for its broad deployment options – all major clouds, on-premises, hybrid, and even optimized for VM clouds – as well as its field-proven MPP architecture to deliver the highest levels of analytical performance at scale. Specifically, Datamation pointed out these pros for Vertica:

  • Interoperates with essentially any cloud platform and IT infrastructure.
  • Solid use of data science and machine learning technology.
  • Micro Focus is known to be easy to work with.

Many data warehouse platform vendors describe themselves as “award winning”. Vertica proves it. Find out how we can help you become a data disruptor.


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