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North East Database Day Conference

This blog post was authored by Eden Zik. On January 19th, Vertica engineers joined the North East database community for the North East Database Day conference organized annually at MIT, sponsored by Facebook and Microsoft and featuring Turing award winner Michael Stonebraker. The full conference program can be found here: This year Styliani Pantela...

Vertica Hears From UMass Computer Science Professor

On December 7, Vertica employees were lucky enough to hear a talk from UMass Boston Computer Science Professor Dr. Duc A. Tran. Dr. Tran spoke to us about a distributed storage project he is working on with his students.

The Life of a Query, According to Henry Ford

Batch Exporting Directed Queries


Lady Problems Hackathon Series

The Lady Problems Hackathon series aims to address problems preventing female entrepreneurship.
Three 3D arrows, different colors pointing in different directions

Disabling Numeric Overflow

Prior to version 8.0, using a column that has a numeric data type with the functions SUM, SUM_FLOAT, or AVG could result in numeric overflow. Now, you have the ability to turn-off numeric overflow and add implicit precision to your numeric data types.
Modern Database Analytics

Redesigning Projections for Query Optimization

When you submit a query to Vertica, the Vertica query optimizer automatically assembles a query plan, which consists of a set of operations to compute the requested result. Depending on the properties of the projections defined in your database, the query optimizer can choose faster and more efficient operations. Thus, it?s important to recognize what...