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Marc Heimlich

Director, Technology Sector, Vertica

Marc Heimlich has a 20 year track record of success in the software space at Vertica, CA Technologies, SFI and Lucent Technologies. During Marc's tenure at Vertica, he and his teams have delivered over $100M in revenue and added over 150 software partners driving digital transformation in telco, retail, operations, cybersecurity and healthcare. Marc has an MBA in Finance from NYU-Stern and a BA from Emory University.

Do you really want to outsource your data and analytics?

As a nine year veteran of the Big Data business, I’ve seen the shift from transactional data stores like Postgres, SQL Server and Oracle to OLAP offerings from the likes of Greenplum, Aster, Vertica, and ParAccel, to the rise and fall of Hadoop Data Lakes, and now the shift to cloud, object storage, and serverless...