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Using Vertica on Azure

A lot of customers are starting to explore the idea of reducing infrastructure related costs of their enterprise solutions by migrating them to publicly hosted cloud based environments. With that in mind I am very pleased to announce the official support of Vertica running in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. This latest step in the...

Using the Vertica on Azure Free Trial

In August of last year, we announced support for Vertica in the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. This includes a fully automated cluster deployment from the Azure Marketplace (which can be found here) and also includes our free Community Edition license. Microsoft, like many other public Cloud providers, offers a free trial subscription for users that...
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Vertica and OpenStack

Recently, several different customers have asked about deploying Vertica on an OpenStack cloud platform. This is an interesting situation, so to clear up any misconceptions, first we'll go through a brief description of OpenStack. Then, we'll suggest questions that you should ask yourself and your OpenStack administrator when deploying Vertica in an OpenStack environment.