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Arash Jalel Zadeh Fard

Senior Software Engineer at Vertica

Arash joined Vertica in 2014 after receiving his PhD in computer science from UGA. His work mainly focuses on building features for distributed and scalable machine learning and statistical tools in Vertica database.

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Unleash the Power of Vertica and Apache Spark Using the Upgraded Spark Connector

This post is authored by Alex Le What is Apache Spark? Apache Spark is a distributed compute engine that provides a robust API for data science, machine learning, or to work with big data. It is fast, scalable, simple, and supports multiple languages, including Python, SQL, Scala, Java, and R. Backed by the Apache 2.0...
How to Calculate a Correlation Matrix

2 – How to Calculate a Correlation Matrix – Data Exploration for Machine Learning

In the first machine learning in a database post, we discussed some of the reasons why it makes sense to do your machine learning data analytics inside the database. This will be the first post where we discuss some of the steps involved in the in-database machine learning workflow. Generally, the first thing you need...
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Evaluating Classifier Models in Vertica

Co-authored by Elizabeth Michaud Vertica provides an out-of-the box machine learning toolset that covers a complete data science workflow. The toolset includes several distributed functions for evaluating both classifier and regressor machine learning models. The goal of this blog post is to demonstrate how you can use the built-in functions for evaluating the prediction performance...