Announcing Vertica in Eon Mode for Amazon Linux 2, now available in AWS Marketplace

Posted June 28, 2018 by Sarah Lemaire, Manager, Vertica Documentation

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Vertica is a blazingly fast SQL analytics database, enabling enterprises to access and derive meaningful insight into big data in sub-seconds or minutes rather than hours or days. Vertica powers the world’s most data driven organizations, delivering unmatched speed and scale with the full suite of advanced analytics and in database machine learning.

Vertica for Amazon Linux 2: Vertica is now supported for Amazon Linux 2. Vertica for Amazon Linux 2 is available on AWS Marketplace as an hourly paid subscription and with Bring Your Own License (BYOL) models. Amazon Linux 2 is a Linux server operating system from AWS that is suitable for running big data analytics solutions in a secure, stable, and high performance execution environment. AWS will offer long-term support for Amazon Linux 2 that includes security updates and bug fixes for 5 years.

Vertica in Eon Mode Maximizes Cloud Economics by separating the computational processes from the storage layer of the Vertica database. Running on Amazon EC2 (compute) and S3 (storage), Eon Mode demonstrates excellent performance, superior scalability, and robust operational behavior. With these innovations, Vertica 9.1 delivers on the promise of cloud economics so that data engineering teams only have to provision the compute and storage resources they need from month to month, day to day, or hour to hour, while supporting efficient elasticity as new use cases or workloads emerge.

Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics: Built into Vertica’s core are machine learning and advanced analytics. There is no need to download and install separate packages for machine learning. Vertica’s in-database machine learning transforms the way data scientists and analysts across industries interact with data, while removing barriers and accelerating time to value on predictive analytics projects.

Seamless Integration with Cloud Object Store and Data Lake: Vertica provides in-place querying of cloud data-lakes, without having to move and reformat data via direct querying of Hadoop data stored in Parquet and ORC, and of Parquet data on AWS S3. Rapidly load data to and from cloud object store such as Amazon S3, or perform JOINS across your data warehouse, S3 and Hadoop data infrastructure for accelerated insights.

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