Announcing Vertica Eon 9.x Essentials Course

Posted November 13, 2019 by Herb Collins, Technical Consultant

We have just released a new instructor-led course: Vertica Eon 9.x Essentials Course code: VT120EON

This course provides live instructions on Vertica Eon v9.3, accompanied by comprehensive hands-on labs.

Running on a public cloud platform, Vertica Eon Essentials allows users to directly connect with the Vertica Eon database and the Management Console to interact with the Vertica Eon cluster as well as with S3 communal storage.

A highlight of the features of this course include:

• The architecture and data flow of a Vertica Eon cluster including sharding, depot, and S3 communal storage
• How to revive and hibernate a Vertica Eon cluster
• How to load and manage data using node-based and S3-based sources
• How to back up and restore a Vertica Eon database to S3 storage
• How to use Vertica Eon system tables to retrieve object meta-data and system monitoring data
• How to remove data from a Vertica Eon database and monitor related processes

This course offers private on-site sessions as well as in public sessions via virtual classroom delivery. Both methods provide the same high-quality live instructions and hands-on labs.

For more information and to download a detailed course outline, see

For availability of this course in your region, send a note to the appropriate email address:

Asia Pacific:

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