Announcing Vertica 9.x Training: Predictive Analytics Using Machine Learning

Posted November 20, 2018 by Drea Brandford, Technical Consultant

Machine learning robot studying equations and graphs
In today’s data-driven world, creating a competitive advantage depends on your ability to transform massive volumes of data into meaningful insights. Companies that use advanced analytics and machine learning are twice as likely to be top quartile financial performers, and three times more likely to execute effective decisions. On November 16, 2018, Micro Focus Software Education released a new Digital Learning course: Predictive Analytics Using Machine Learning. Designed with both new and experienced users in mind, this 4 hour course consists of 6 self-paced modules: Introduction to Machine Learning
    • : Introduces the overall process of model development, and how to use Vertica’s machine learning algorithms, your domain knowledge, and your data sets to create predictive models.
  Data Preparation: In order to build accurate models, you need to address any potential issues in your data. This module shows you how to use the four most useful data preparation functions to clean up your data, and how to create both training and testing data sets. Regression Algorithms: Building and evaluating linear regression, random forest regression, and support vector machine regression models. Classification Algorithms: Building and evaluating logistic regression, random forest classification, support vector machine classification, and Naive Bayes models. Clustering Algorithms: Building and applying K-means clustering models. Model Management: Learn how to read a model’s attributes, alter models, move them between clusters, and remove models from the database. In addition to the full Digital Learning course, Micro Focus Education has also made individual modules available for purchase. For users who are comfortable and conversant in the concepts of predictive analytics, you can purchase the following modules individually: Data Preparation, Regression Algorithms, and Classification Algorithms. This Digital Learning class is available for public and private delivery; you can register for this class online with training units, or contact our training coordinators in your region for assistance. You can find a more in-depth overview of the topics covered in the course data sheet or watch our course preview. Looking for other Vertica training? See our full portfolio of Vertica training offerings and free videos on our YouTube Learning Channel.