Announcing the Availability of Grafana Data Source Plugin for Vertica

Posted February 3, 2020 by Stephen Crossman, SW Engineering(Systems) - Partner Engineering

The Vertica-Grafana-Plugin is finally here!

Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on, and understand your metrics. Grafana has a repository where plugins are available for many Apps and Data Sources and they promote the development of plugins from the Grafana community.

We are pleased to announce the availability of the vertica-grafana-datasource, a community developed Grafana data source plugin. It defines a data source which allows Grafana to support Vertica natively. The plugin uses the vertica-sql-go driver to communicate with Vertica. This driver provides a Vertica-specific implementation of the SQL driver for GoLang. Think of it as Vertica JDBC for Go. The vertica-sql-go driver is supplied with the vertica-grafana-datasource plugin so there is no need to download or install any additional Vertica drivers.

There are two methods of implementing the plugin. You can install it into your Grafana environment, local or hosted, and use the Vertica data source. You can also create a development environment to modify and build your own version of the plugin. Details for both methods are covered on the Grafana plugin page for the vertica-grafana-datasource.

Once the data source is configured you can explore Grafana and see its capabilities with Vertica. For more information, see Vertica Integration with Grafana: Connection Guide.