AI, Machine Learning, and the Customer Experience in the 5G Era

Posted September 2, 2021 by Jeremiah Morrow, Senior Industry Product Marketing Manager

Vertica is participating in the BIG 5G Event 2021 in Denver next week. In addition to our virtual and in-person booth, as a part of the show, I’m joining some great speakers in a panel discussion on how AI & ML will enhance the customer experience in the 5G era.

Telecom operators have leveraged predictive analytics to automate operational processes, particularly related to detecting and mitigating issues with network service, responding to peaks and valleys in traffic, and proactively responding to customer service requests. However, due to the speed, performance, and availability that 5G promises, as well as enterprise expectations related to that service, network operations will become even more critical to satisfying and growing a wireless carrier’s customer base. Decisions related to the network will simply need to be made too quickly for human intervention to drive the process.

The challenge for a lot of operators is that traditional network monitoring techniques are too slow, often relying on data that’s 5-15 minutes old data, which does not give organizations a real-time view of their network, let alone allow them to make accurate inferences regarding the network’s health, or understand potential issues that might impact service.

But with AI and ML, teams can integrate streaming network data and combine it with historical data to establish patterns that help determine the health of the network. This information is ideally available near instantly.

Many of the use cases for predictive analytics that can have the greatest impact on the customer experience – things like 5G Network Slicing and self-healing networks – require automated network operations. But these capabilities are aspirational for a good percentage of telecom operators. Many of the challenges they face, from integrating data sources to overcoming the barriers to operationalizing AI and ML, can be solved with Vertica.

During the panel discussion we’ll talk about some of the cool things telcos are doing from an AI/ML standpoint, discuss the challenges they face, and share some approaches to improving the customer experience through predictive analytics. If you’re going to be at the show in Denver, please stop by our booth. Or register, visit us virtually, and attend the recorded panel discussion.

You can find all of the information regarding registration and attendance here!