5 companies that are using data analytics to transform customer experience

Posted April 15, 2019 by Ben Smith, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Analyzing customer behavior is becoming a mandate for every business in every industry to understand, engage, and retain customers – with the ultimate goal of increasing lifetime value.

By understanding how your customers behave and interact with your organization, you can better serve, and profit, from the interactions. Data is central to this equation in many ways, and can be used to:

  • Track advertising conversions and marketing effectiveness to lower customer acquisition costs
  • Monitor field equipment and predict maintenance issues to prevent inbound support issues
  • Evaluate software and application interactions to improve user experiences
  • Analyze product consumption and usage patterns to develop personalized recommendations
  • Understand physical retail and point of sale promotional activity and audience engagement

Traditional analytic technologies and BI tools have helped businesses understand how their customers interact with products and services in hindsight, in order to provide a more personalized experience and monetize more opportunities. However, customer expectations are increasing, creating more pressure on businesses to achieve even greater customer insight at every turn. This makes customer behavior analytics vital for just about any industry or market segment. But where do you begin?

Below are 5 companies that are using data and advanced analytics to proactively engage and delight customers:


  1. Catch Media delivers data-driven personal insight into 300+ million users. The Catch Media platform enables clients to provide and monetize great digital experiences for their users by delivering appropriate, timely, and seamless interactions across devices and markets. Catch Media licensees create opportunities while more effectively connecting with their constituents through context-aware promotions, messaging and content delivery. To achieve this, Catch Media implemented a data analytics platform capable of tracking hundreds of millions of users, with tens of billions of data event transactions processed in near-real-time on a monthly basis. As a result, they’ve seen 50% increase in engagement through data-driven segmentation. Read the full case study here.
  1. Nimble Storage predicts and solves 86% of customer issues automatically. Nimble Storage was founded in 2008 and is based in San Jose, California. Their main product is their flash storage arrays, but they also utilize flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver advanced customer insights and 99.9999% availability. The company’s InfoSight customer platform eliminates headaches and wasted time by transforming how storage is managed and supported, analyzing millions of sensors every second to prevent problems, improve customer experience and business efficiency, make storage autonomous through the use of advanced analytics, and predict and solve 86% of issues automatically. Watch the full webcast here.
  1. Lab4Motion delivers sophisticated retail analytics for personalized marketing. Lab4Motion provides consistent and highly accurate shopper and customer analytics based on video recognition technology supported by AI that enable retailers and service outlets to better understand how different initiatives within the physical outlet affect consumer to customer conversion, shopping behavior, service experience, and store operational efficiencies. Using Lab4Motion technology a store can be divided into different areas to video map customers and key processes within it. By collecting and analyzing all of the captured raw data in real-time, retailers gain near instantaneous feedback of how a promotional display position correlates with conversion to sales, or whether a new cash register needs to be opened to service a longer queue which formed in the store. Read the full case study here.
  1. Suunto unlocks fitness coaching market with Big Data project. Suunto, a subsidiary of the Amer Sports Corporation, manufactures and markets sports watches, dive computers, compasses and precision instruments helping consumers technologically connect to their active and adventurous lives. Suunto enriches the customer experience and builds brand awareness of its extreme sports watches and outdoor instruments by analyzing all the data generated by these devices. For example, analyzing fitness data in real-time allowing users to gain valuable insight into their training, compare their performance instantly against peers, or create virtual competitions. Using this data, Suunto is able to deliver a multichannel experience to users over watches, mobile applications and the movescount.com website. This gives Suunto a competitive edge in a highly aggressive market. Read the full case study here.
  1. deltaDNA transforms gaming analytics by boosting player engagement. deltaDNA is the games industry’s leading real-time analytics and marketing platform. The combination of market-leading deep data functionality, ultra-high performance and a flexible, open environment allows users to maximize engagement and lifetime value through player segmentation, predictive modelling and real-time targeted interventions. deltaDNA’s solution is able to process 99.9% of messages within 200 milliseconds, enabling games to respond to player behavior in real-time. As a result, player engagement increased by up to 350%, helping to drive retention and loyalty. This sophisticated big data analytics provides foundation for improved market insights and competitive advantage. Read the full case study here.


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