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China Telecom
The Climate Corporation

That’s a three-year customer ROI, a net present value of $10.1 million, and a payback period of less than six months for the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform. Are you getting the value from your analytics warehouse?

The Proof is in the Numbers: The Total Economic Impact™ of Vertica

According to the study, key quantifiable benefits from Vertica customers included:

  • $4.4 million eliminated from prior data warehouse costs
  • $1 million saved in reduction in dedicated database administrators
  • $2.4 million in revenue generated due to machine learning products and machine learning driven productivities
  • Much more

Powering Analytics for Pioneers in…

  • AdTech
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
Criteo logo

Criteo built a Big Data Center of Excellence with Vertica.

The Trade Desk processes 40,000 reports every day with Vertica. delivers insights into ad campaign performance with Vertica.

China PnR achieved 422% ROI and annual average benefit of approximately $1.9 million with Vertica.

MassMutual is evolving a data culture and providing fast analytics and reporting with Vertica and a home-grown ingest engine.

Finansbank unlocks a treasure vault of data with Vertica.

Vertica delivers adaptive data warehouse and AI-supported data-driven decision making.

Cerner optimizes health information solutions to improve efficiency and quality of patient care.

Philips aims for zero unplanned equipment downtime with Predictive Analytics.

Anritsu achieved 351% ROI and average annual benefit of over $3 million with Vertica.

China Telecom provides personalized services for tens of millions of customers by harnessing the power of data.

Maxcom drastically improved performance for regulatory compliance achieving an 85% reduction in fraud-related costs.

Explore Resources for…

  • Data Analytics Leaders
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientists

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Explore helpful Vertica resources — documentation, knowledge base articles, forums and more.


Helpful documents about hardware requirements for your database, how to connect to Vertica from our ETL and BI partners, best practices guides, and more.


Complete product documentation, release notes, and a supported platform guide on the current and previous versions of Vertica.

Vertica Academy

Your source for comprehensive Vertica training – live, on-demand, and in-person – covering self-paced learning, instructor-led classes, Webinars, and certifications.

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The best place to connect with Vertica engineers and other Vertica customers to get quick answers to problems or bottlenecks.


For customers who need to access Vertica service packs and previous releases.

Client Drivers

For customers who need access to client drivers for operating systems, Python, and security.

One Unified Analytics Platform. Many Flexible Choices.

The Vertica Analytics Platform is simply that – unified as one single platform. You choose your:

Metric – Per TB or per node

Consumption Model – Usage based or committed spend

Deployment – Private data centers, public clouds, or hybrid

Level of Automation – Self managed or fully managed