Enter the Flex Zone – Flex Zone Demo

In December 2013, we introduced HP Vertica Flex Zone with the HP Vertica 7 “Crane” release. HP Vertica Flex Zone gives you the power to quickly and easily load, explore, analyze, and monetize emerging and rapidly growing forms of structured and semi-structured data, such as social media, sensor, log files, and machine data. You can use your favorite industry-standard business intelligence (BI) and visualization tools to explore Flex Zone data in HP Vertica without creating schemas upfront.

We created the HP Vertica Flex Zone demo video based on a common real life scenario of an HP Vertica Flex Zone customer. It showcases how you can tackle the typical challenges dealing with semi-structured and structured data coming from disparate sources, be able to work with the data in an uncomplicated SQL environment, and most importantly, get value out of all of your data.

Check out the HP Vertica Flex Zone demo video here:

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