HP Vertica 7, Uniting and simplifying the worlds of data exploration and analysis

Today, we launched HP Vertica 7 “Crane,” our latest release of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.  This release is a major milestone, as not only does it deliver exciting new platform enhancements, but it also marks HP Vertica’s entry into the data exploration space. In fact, we believe HP Vertica 7 will revolutionize many organizations’ approach to data exploration. With HP Vertica 7, we are providing the most open and comprehensive SQL-based solution to storing, exploring, and serving up big data deployments that span structured and, now, semi-structured data.


Here are some of the highlights:


Explore your data with HP Vertica Flex Zone

Our customers have shared many of their challenges with turning raw data into business insight. Data preparation, ETL, and schema creation are daunting tasks that prevent many of them from even considering analyzing some of their data sources. The rise in interest in “dark data” directly reflects the struggle businesses face in making use of new data sources that stream in terabytes of semi-structured information by the day, hour, and even minute.


That’s where HP Vertica Flex Zone comes in. We’ve combined the power of Vertica’s MPP columnar technology with some patent-pending approaches to managing semi-structured data to deliver the most flexible and extensible solution for SQL-based data exploration at a disruptive, introductory price. Imagine if you could collect data from many different sources, each having unique and varying structure, and without any major ETL work using your favorite BI tool to explore this otherwise unwieldy data set.  What untapped data might you explore? Or imagine promoting insights from your exploration directly to your operational reports with a single, simple step? How many more people in your organization could you empower? What if your business teams could ask new and different questions about these untapped data sources without requiring IT to rework and rerun costly ETL processes? How many more questions could your organization answer?  If this piques your interest then learn more about the new HP Vertica Flex Zone at our upcoming Webinar .


The best “SQL on Hadoop” just got better

We’ve provided integration with Hadoop for years and have built out one of the most extensive and open SQL on Hadoop offerings on the market. Our customers combine our integrations with MapReduce, Pig, and HDFS with features like external tables, user-defined loading, and our extensive SQL analytics to create integrated deployments of Hadoop and HP Vertica that address all aspects of the data analytics life cycle. With HP Vertica 7, we’ve made this offering even better by adding HCatalog integration, enabling Vertica installations to leverage the power of Hadoop’s table and storage management layer.  We’ve also improved security by implementing Kerberos authentication between Vertica and Hadoop. Now your SQL on Hadoop analytics can be even more feature rich as well as secure.


Hey DBAs: take a load off!

We know that the life of a DBA can be hard. You’re expected to manage and maintain the company’s key asset (its data!), ensure the highest SLAs, and respond quickly to evolving business needs. What you live for is even just a little time to sit back, relax, and let your data platform do the heavy lifting. Well with HP Vertica 7, we’re striving to make your lives easier. We’ve extended our workload management to give you better performance and control down to the CPU-core level, simplified our installer to better play with your favorite automation tools, and greatly improved our load times to ensure your large data loads are faster than ever. Go ahead, take a coffee break my DBA friend, we’ve got you covered.


Brew your own Java extensions

Every organization is different and one size does not fit all when it comes to big data. The HP Vertica Analytics Platform provides some great extensibility points that let our customers enhance the platform with user-defined functions, add rich in-database analytics in R, and even customize the loading process to handle data of their choosing. We’re now putting the power of extensibility into the hands of the Java programmer with our new Java SDK. Now, you can leverage those existing in-house Java skills and packages to customize, extend, and enrich your Vertica deployment.  How’s that for a tasty brew?


Oh yes, there’s more…

Beyond these highlights there is so much more that makes HP Vertica 7 our best release ever. We’ve improved performance, security and usability, simplified tuning and management operations, and even provided NoSQL-lovers a new way to query data. This release will satisfy the most demanding organizations looking for a total solution to their big data analytics needs.


For more details, check out the HP Vertica 7 release page and register for our upcoming webinar where we’ll be walking through all the key features and benefits. The Community version of HP Vertica 7 will soon be available for download from MyVertica, our community portal, so check back in and join the forum discussions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Luis Maldonado

Director of Product Management

HP Vertica

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