Optimizing Value – Creating a Conversational Relationship with Your Big Data

I spent most of the past week on the road, attending Gartner Symposium in Orlando and then later in the week at Strata Hadoop World in NYC. (For more, see my colleague Jeff Healey’s excellent recap of Hadoop World here.)

In the course of delivering the session ‘Big Data, Turning the information Overload into an Information Advantage,’ which I delivered with my colleague Jerome Levadoux of our sister company Autonomy, and in just walking the events in general, I spoke to many people, and unsurprisingly found the interest level in Big Data continuing to skyrocket.

Some of the most notable comments came from those who had already begun to tackle the Big Data challenge, since so many are trying to uncover the fourth ‘V’ of Big DataValue.

What I continue to hear is that the Value of effectively leveraging Big Data (or as we across HP like to call it ‘Information Optimization’) lies in fundamentally changing the relationship between the organization and the data. In particular, moving from static queries which take minutes, hours or sometimes days to run, to providing nearly-instantaneous answers that lead to more interactive ‘conversations’ with the data, completely changes how business executives perceive their data, and allows them to gain significantly more meaning and value.

Suddenly, it is no longer “specify the reports, set up the queries, run the reports, deliver to the business users” daily or weekly (rinse and repeat), but “I have a question, I need an answer”, which delivered in near-real-time via a platform such as Vertica then leads quickly to follow-on questions, what-if scenarios, and a virtuous cycle that puts the data – and the Analysts/Data Scientists who provide access to it – in a much more strategic and business-critical role.

My colleague Jim Campbell discussed this during his visit to Cloudera’s booth at Hadoop World.

Live from Strata + Hadoop World 2012: Jim Campbell, Vertica from Cloudera.

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