Vertica Gives Back!


HP encourages all employees worldwide to contribute time and energy toward good causes.  Last week, Vertica participated in the second annual Tech Gives Back event hosted by TUGG, a Boston open source philanthropic group which offers local companies a chance to give back to their community through charitable day-long events.  Projects include preparing and packaging meals for community service groups, sorting and inventorying clothes, toys, and books for donation, landscaping, cleaning, and painting line games outside of schools and shelters, and more.

Vertica Gives Back!

This year, Vertica’s project was held at the W. Hennigan Elementary School in Jamaica Plain.  Alongside a few other helpful companies, we spent the day clearing out an overgrown garden, building a couple of impressive benches/ flower beds, and repainting everything other than the building which had ever had paint on it, which was a lot of paint!  There were many murals, games, and railings which were rusted, faded, and long overdue for a fresh coat.  With around 50 people in 5 hours, the improvement was absolutely amazing.

Team Vertica adds a fresh coat of paint.

Just as the last lines of paint were drawn and barely dried, the bell rang and the flood gates were opened.  The kids came running out and shouted with excitement at the new look.  It was truly a rewarding experience.

We look forward to the third annual Tech Gives Back event in 2013, and we are always looking for more ways to give back, so please, if you know of any, send them our way!

If you like technology, good causes, and ping pong (more on that later) join the fun with the Vertica team, we’re hiring!

The finished product!

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