The Vertica Connector for Hadoop

At Hadoop World today, Vertica is announcing our second generation connector for Hadoop and Pig.  You can read more about the Vertica Connector for Hadoop in the press release, but we wanted to give you the basics about the new Connector here on the blog.

About a year ago, Vertica was the first analytic database company to deliver a parallel connector for Hadoop.  Today, Vertica has over 25 customers using Vertica and Hadoop together.  These are real customers, with real-world applications, who are combining the strengths of Hadoop and the Vertica Analytics Platform.

And with Vertica Connector for Hadoop, users have unprecedented flexibility and speed in loading data from Hadoop to Vertica and querying data from Vertica in Hadoop.  And, as part of our ongoing commitment to Hadoop, we’ve announced an upcoming backup option to Hadoop File System (HDFS), and plans to publish a set of libraries that will allow Hadoop users to leverage Vertica’s advanced sorting, compression and encoding natively in the backup files on HDFS for additional processing and data exploration.

The Vertica 4.0 Connector for Hadoop is open source, supported by Vertica, and available for download at here.

You can read more on the web site, but here’s a short summary of what Vertica 4.0 Connector for Hadoop offers right now:

  • Enhanced integration of Vertica 4.0 with stable versions of Hadoop and Pig
  • Improved transfer performance

And, in a separate release available in the first half of 2011, we’ll be providing:

  • An innovative, low-cost backup option
  • Libraries to read Vertica’s native format from HDFS

As part of our Hadoop push, we’re going to be presenting a couple of webinars around our combined Vertica/Hadoop solution.  Watch for an announcement here on the blog or in your email (if you are on the Vertica list).

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