Vertica for the Cloud and Virtualization

Who’s Winning with Vertica?

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Who's Winning With Vertica?

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Performance On-Demand using Vertica in Enterprise Clouds

The Vertica Analytic Database is the first RDBMS designed specifically for on-demand, infinitely scalable Business Intelligence in virtualized and cloud environments. Optimized for MPP grids, Vertica can be deployed on your enterprise cloud using virtualization infrastructure such as vSphere from VMware and on public clouds such as Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. This allows data warehousing to gain the benefits that virtualization, consolidation and cloud computing bring, including easier management, high availability, datacenter energy savings and faster deployment of solutions to the business.

Designed for Cloud and Built for Virtualization

Vertica is the only analytic database with the following innovations, which enable it to manage terabytes of data faster and more reliably than any other database within public and virtualized enterprise cloud environments:

  • “Scale-out” MPP grid architecture – handles changing workloads as elastically as the cloud
  • Aggressive data compression and columnar storage – speeds performance and minimizes I/O
  • Built-in HA – automatic replication, failover and recovery for business continuity
  • All nodes created equal – No specialized nodes-simplifies deployment in virtualized environments and eliminates single points of failure
  • Priced for virtualization – Based on data volume, not # of CPUs-scale without paying a “DBMS tax”

Agile Analytics on the Cloud

Having Vertica available “on-demand” in the cloud and in virtualized data centers completely changes the economics of BI, making it possible to rapidly initiate a much broader spectrum of analytic projects and businesses:

  • Ad-hoc and short-lived business analytic projects
  • New analytic Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses
  • Vertica Analytic Database proof of concept projects

Key value from Vertica in enterprise clouds

  • Fastest “Time to Terabyte” – Fully provisioned on the Amazon EC2 or any VMware-supported platform and ready for loading within minutes
  • Fastest performance – 100x to 1000x faster than other cloud databases
  • Runs 24×7 – Automatic K-Safety makes Vertica the only failure-resilient analytic cloud DBMS
  • Lowest startup cost – No upfront hardware, data center or admin overhead. Just pay for database usage until you’re done, then stop paying for it
  • Painless scalability – Scales seamlessly as data volume changes
  • Smallest footprint – Compresses data up to 90% to lower costs and improve performance
  • Proven platform – Runs on VMware or Amazon Web Services, within their proven data center

Getting Started

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