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The Power of Vertica & Tableau:

The speed, scale and simplicity of Vertica enables our customers to answer key business decisions in near real time. Tableau offers the business intelligence solution(s) to display those answers in a visually stimulating way, providing true insights into data trends and patterns. When Tableau is running on Vertica, users can answer questions as fast as they can think of them. The power of Vertica & Tableau together is helping our customers analyze and use their data in ways that was never possible before.

Vertica and Tableau Solutions Brief

Download the Vertica and Tableau Solutions Brief to see how the combined solution delivers Big Data analytics for organizations looking to monetize all of their data and deliver Analytics Everywhere™.

Click here to download the Solutions Brief (.pdf)


Tableau Desktop is a software application that enables anyone to analyze any kind of data quickly and easily. With Tableau, you work directly with your data, shifting between views easily and without support from IT. The human brain can process a picture much faster than a table of numbers. The right presentation, using the best practices of information visualization, makes organizing and understanding information simple. Features, trends and outliers show up the way they never do in rows and columns.


  • • Banking
  • • Consumer
  • • Packaged Goods
  • • Education
  • • Government
  • • Healthcare
  • • Transport/Logistics
  • • Media
  • • Oil and Gas
  • • Real Estate
  • • Science
  • • Securities
  • • High Tech
  • • Insurance
  • • North America
  • • Latin America
  • • South America
  • • EMEA
  • • APAC

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