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5 Signs You Might be Outgrowing Your MySQL Data Warehouse

Most of us remember a favorite pair of pants or shirt we had as kids that seemed to fit fine one day, and the next time we put it on, we realized that they were suddenly much too small. Outgrowing things was a way of life back then, an inevitable step in the grand scheme and one that always seemed to lead to the next favorite shirt or toy. This is not an attempt to trivialize data warehouse and data mart systems, but they too evolve and mature, and one day you might wake up and realize that the MySQL data warehouse that you have so faithfully supported and maintained is just too small for your current analytics needs. This paper details the five most common signs that it may be time to consider replacing a MySQL system.

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A Primer on Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage. This paper will provide a broad overview of web analytics, explain the importance of integrating clickstreams with additional data sets, review the challenges of moving beyond metrics to insights, and outline how the Vertica Analytics Platform enables customers to succeed when facing the challenges related to web analytics.

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Analytic Architectures: Approaches to Supporting Analytics Users and Workloads

Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research, Business Applications and Architecture Group at TechTarget, writes about the four main types of intelligences designed to turn data into information.

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Business Intelligence Is In The Details

Neil Raden describes how to create a no-compromise, 24 x 7 data warehouse that dramatically improves load and query speed, scalability and cost effectiveness.

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Capitalize on the Untapped Potential of Sensor Data

In the coming years, enormous volumes of machine-generated sensor data from the Internet of Things will fuel a wide range of data-driven products, services, and business processes. But there’s a catch: To capitalize on the opportunity, your organization needs to have the right data analytics platform in place. This white paper details the use of sensor data across different industries and how to harness its power to improve products and services.

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Data Analytics – The New Growth Opportunity for Software Developers

Learn how the Vertica Analytics Platform is powering the new wave of commercial software, SaaS and appliance-based applications and creating new value and competitive differentiation for solution developers and their customers.

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Delivering a Comprehensive Analytics Framework for Converged Services

Communications companies are currently embroiled in a series of initiatives to enable the convergence of systems to deliver converged services – the utilization of a single network to transport all information and services (voice, data and video) by encapsulating the data into packets. While the movement to converged systems is inevitable and will be commoditized, it’s the “analytics” that are computed and utilized that will be the key competitive differentiator. This paper discusses the analytics framework required for today’s converged services.

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Fast Data Loading into the Vertica Analytics Platform

Learn about Vertica’s data loading architecture, benchmarks and best practices.

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From Big Data to Knowledge

Read this interactive white paper to explore the entire value chain that communications service providers (CSPs) are transforming data into knowledge. Specifically, this white paper covers information sources, data collection tools, analytics platforms for quick data access, and finally the use cases with the presentation and visualization of results and predictions. Four primary use cases demonstrate the need for the HP Vertica Analytics Platform – subscriber network usage analytics, HP mobile experience personalization, HP ad experience personalization, and Machine to Machine (M2M).

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From Big Data to Knowledge: Analytic Use Cases for Communication Service Providers

This white paper looks at specific use cases in the CSP industry to examine how these companies can leverage the inordinate amount of information they take in about their customers. Four cases outline how they created more value for their customers and their businesses.

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From Big Data to Knowledge: Value Chain for Communication Service Providers

Big data is an opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) to create the intelligence for operating network more efficiently, to analyze the success of the services that CSPs are offering, and to create a better personal experience for their customers. This white paper addresses how the mass amounts of data coming in can be leveraged for business value.

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From Hindsight to Insight to Foresight

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform provides an ideal environment for in-database analytics functions, as well as tight
integration with R and other advanced analytics libraries. This white paper explores the wide range of analytical functions
in the platform—including standard SQL-99 conventions, value-added analytics, advanced analytics using custom logic,
and user-defined extensions.

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HP HAVEn See the big picture in Big Data

See the big picture in Big Data. Introducing HP HAVEn. It’s a platform that analyzes 100% of your data for faster, more confident decisions. Tap into the wider intelligence provided by having all data types—structured and unstructured—and make the connections that turn information into action.

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Increasing Enterprise Data Warehouse Performance, Longevity and ROI with the Vertica Analytics Platform

Learn how Vertica complements and enhances your existing Enterprise Data Warehouse.

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Innovative technology for big data analytics

Regulatory compliance, increased competition, and other pressures mean you need to accumulate and analyze larger and larger quantities of data. Many companies now have hundreds of terabytes of data to store and analyze.

Yet, most database management innovation has not kept pace. Performing ad hoc queries on such large data volumes does not come naturally for existing database management systems (DBMS), which use a row-oriented design for writeintensive transaction processing rather than for read-intensive analytics. Desperate for better performance, many roworiented DBMS customers spend millions of dollars every year on stop-gap measures, such as adding database administrator (DBA) resources, creating and maintaining OLAP cubes, or replacing their DBMS with expensive and proprietary data warehouse appliances.

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Knowing Your Game

Big Data in the gaming industry offers a clear view into click-stream and customer behavior analytics that can apply broadly to almost any business that provides consumers an online presence. This paper provides an overview of how game developers are using Big Data analytics to improve their electronic games and differentiate their offerings from the competition. We describe how analytics helps companies monetize their games, and we introduce the capabilities of the HP Vertica platform by showcasing three HP customers who rely on this technology as a key part of their business model.

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Leveraging Social Media Analytics for Competitive Advantage

This paper outlines the advantages of using the Vertica Analytics Platform to collect, parse and process social media data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. Vertica is a “New SQL” Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) currently used by media and entertainment companies who understand and act on social media data as well as those organizations powering the social media world. Vertica is a linearly scalable, high performance Big Data platform that supports standard SQL, User Defined Functions (UDF’s) and connectors to other data sources including Hadoop.

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Make All Your Information Matter – Hadoop and HP Vertica Analytics Platform

HP Vertica Analytics Platform and Hadoop are highly complementary systems for Big Data analytics. HP Vertica Analytics Platform is ideal for interactive, real-time analytics and the Hadoop open-source platform is well suited for batch-oriented data processing.

But why and when do you use this combination together and how?

Download this new white paper and learn how this powerful combination enables you to extract higher levels of value from massive amounts of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, while accelerating analytics.

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Nimble Storage Leverages Operational Data with Analytics Delivered by HP Vertica

Nimble Storage, a leading provider of flash storage solutions, wanted to improve customer relationships by providing its customers with insights and recommendations for optimizing their storage infrastructure and simplifying their day-to-day operations.

For several years, Nimble Storage used a free open source database management system to analyze this data, however as their business grew, they realized that this solution could not scale sufficiently or cost effectively. In 2013 Nimble Storage implemented the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. They now have a scalable analytics platform that can handle the rapid growth trajectory of their business, and at a lower cost than their legacy data analytics solution.

Since deploying HP Vertica, Nimble Storage has projected five-year cumulative benefits of $2.31 MM/year from increased productivity, revenue gains worth an average of $1.09 MM/year, savings on IT hardware worth an average of $1.15 MM/ year, and an ROI of 447%.

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Revolutionizing Data Warehousing in Telecom with the Vertica Analytics Platform

Vercia’s architecture that takes CDR, SNMP, IPDR and other telecom data warehouses to the next level of performance, simplicity and cost efficiency.

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