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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.

Intro – BigDataSV 2014 – theCUBE

Dave Vellante kicks off the live coverage of Big Data SV with The Cube.

Colin Mahony – BigDataSV 2014 – theCUBE

GM of HP Vertica Colin Mahony CEO of MapR John Schroeder sit down in The Cube to talk about their newly announced partnership.

Chris Selland at #BigDataSV

Chris Selland discusses the unveiling of the new HP Vertica Marketplace, and how it will bring incredible accessibility and value to existing and future customers.

Infinity Insurance: Analyzing data to advance in a competitive market

Berry Ralston discusses why data is integral to his business, and how HP Vertica allows him and his team to access that data faster than ever before.

Yammer: Data driven development improves cycle times

Peter Fishmen talks about how HP Vertica has made him and his team “real believers” in Big Data analytics, and has allowed them to make the most out of their data on a daily basis.

HP Vertica: empowering the Democratic national Committee

Chris Wegrzyn and the Democratic National Committee explain how HP Vertica is a key player in their success, enabling them to centralize all of their data, extract valuable information from clutter, and target the people they need to reach.

Jobrapido and HP Vertica


HP Vertica allows Davide Conforti and his team at Jobrapido to customize their individual user experience based on analytics from HP Vertica, and enables them to rapidly experiment on a large scale to find the most effective solutions.