Who’s Winning with Vertica?

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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.

HP + DreamWorks: When Tech Innovation Fuels Imagination

Creating some of the world’s favorite animated films involves hundreds of people, the best tools and cutting-edge technology, from a cloud system that allows animators around the world to work together to bigger-than-big data storage and processing (the average DreamWorks film has half a billion digital files).

HP – Shell Eco Marathon, The Netherlands

Shell Eco-Marathon is a global series of events for engineering students. Each event requires the capture of huge amounts of technical data. HP technology delivers a flexible, cost efficient solution for the five-day tech event.

Blinded by data science? Explore the myths of big data

HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing, Paul Muller, sits down with Peter Fishman, the director of analytics for Yammer. They discuss how organizations can better position themselves to mine, manipulate and present data when it all just sounds like industry buzz words.

HP Vertica & Cardlytics

Big data changes everything. As a marketing company undergoing rapid growth, Cardlytics turned to HP Vertica to migrate to a scalable analytics platform to accommodate their data-intensive company, delivering insights their clients need.

HP Vertica, IIS, & Insight Express: Partnership in a Data-Driven Business

HP Vertica and IIS recently teamed up with Insight Express, leader in media analytics and marketing solutions, to integrate HP Vertica into their systems in order to exceed growing customer demands for real time performance and faster analytics. Check out the video to learn more!