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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.

Enlighten Your Dark Data with HP Vertica 7

With HP Vertica Analytics Platform 7 “Crane,” you can finally derive value from all your “Dark Data” with simplified exploration and analysis, based on disruptive, patent-pending technology and core platform enhancements. Plus learn about all the new features that HP Vertica 7 delivers including: Flex Zone, java for Big Data and bullet-proof security.

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HP Vertica Pulse & HP Vertica Place

Through HP Vertica’s new innovations, HP Vertica Pulse and HP Vertica Place, you can get a more complete picture of your customer data. These innovations analyze social media posts and geospatial location data to create a 360-degree view of your company’s current and future customers.

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HP Vertica Training Webinar Day 1

In this session, the instructor goes through some of the new features that will help your HP Vertica system run even faster, including load improvements, upgraded spread, fault groups, and client improvements. This session will help you understand how you can make things work more efficiently and speed up your system.

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HP Vertica Training Webinar Day 2

Dark data. Semi-structured data. Hive. Hadoop. Vertica. How can you ingest and work with this data using the HP Vertica Analytics Platform? With HP Vertica Flex Zone, a new offering in HP Vertica 7, you can now explore all of your semi-structured data, such as JSON and delimited data, without creating any time-consuming schemas. Once you are ready to run real-time analytics with HP Vertica Enterprise, you can simply operationalize that data in one single step! If you already have HIVE set up, HP Vertica now has an easy way to work with it, using HCatalog integration.

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HP Vertica Training Webinar Day 3

The new HP Vertica Management Console will help you manage your system, monitor your analysis, and optimize your database. Watch this demonstration where the instructor will show you how you can start with a Query graph, find your long running query, go to the query Explain Plan and Profile, and then use the enhanced Database Designer to optimize your projections to make your queries run even faster. Come see and overview of the tool and how you can use it to truly manage your HP Vertica database.

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Improving the Customer Experience through Operations Analytics

Learn how Vodafone uses operations analytics to stay ahead of the competition using SysMech, Tableau and the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. Vodafone relied on the SysMech Zen™ portfolio of products – powered by the HP Vertica Analytics Platform and Tableau Software – to prepare for it’s launch of the 4G network. Their solution allowed them to: establish a single pane view of their entire 4G network, perform complex, real-time analysis to stay ahead of issues, and deliver an optimal customer experience and reduce churn.

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Know SQL before you NoSQL

Many organizations attempt to use NoSQL solutions to store their increasing volumes of semi-structured data, only to discover that they can’t use languages they know to query the data. In these solutions, performance is often lacking and optimization is very difficult. Learn about HP Vertica Flex Zone which allows you to use the full power of SQL to query your semi-structured data, even when you don’t know the schema.

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Preparing for Smart Metering Success – an Internet of Things Case Study, featuring Itron

how do you manage and effectively analyze the massive volume of data from millions of homes and businesses to make your smart metering initiative a reality as part of your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)? Learn why Itron, a leading energy technology company and services company focused on measurement, management, and analysis of energy and water usage, chose the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to power its Itron Analytics (IA) solution. In this webinar, HP Labs will also show you a real-world demo of how HP Vertica stores and analyzes more than a decade of smart meter data with unprecedented speed, scale, and performance.

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Profiting from a Hybrid Approach to Big Data Analytics

Online games create digital ecosystems that generate massive amounts of diverse data. Hadoop helps in storing and processing this data, but tends to fall short in providing the crucial fast delivery that business users and analysts need to be competitive. Learn why Jagex Games Studio, a multiple UK Games Developer of the Year and awarded the Queen’s Award for excellence and innovation, needed a better analytics solution, and ultimately chose the HP Vertica Analytics after a detailed review of all popular analytic platforms.

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The Power of Predictive Analytics

A new HP Vertica Innovation – available for evaluation today from the HP Vertica Marketplace — HP Vertica Distributed R accelerates large-scale machine learning, statistical analysis, and graph processing. Learn how this new scalable and high-performance platform for the R language can enable you to: detect new patterns and trends, anticipate events and spot anomalies, and learn changes in customer behavior.

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Turning Massive Volumes of Clicks into Revenue for E-Retail

In today’s competitive market, E-Retailers must take advantage of massive amounts of data. Earning share of wallet now requires personalized, precisely timed messaging that is simply not possible using the tools that have previously been used to push “broad brush” promotional offers. Watch to see how Etsy, an online marketplace with over 1 million active shops and over 1.35 billion in total sales in 2013, uses the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to better reach their 40+ million members.

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Using Resource Manager for Efficiency and Speed

The HP Vertica training team reviews built in and custom resource pools and their settings. Managing your resource pools more effectively helps to prevent queries from queuing too long and your end users from consuming more resources than you’d like.

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What’s New in HP Vertica Dragline

With HP Vertica Analytics Platform “Dragline,” you can rely on new and innovative enhancements to store, explore, and serve more data to more of your users in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Some features that only HP Vertica “Dragline” delivers include: broad, specialized analytics with a new sentiment analysis engine for tweets or any short pieces of freeform text as well as geospatial analytic enhancements, dynamic workload management that identifies and adapts to varying query complexities and dynamically assigns the appropriate amount of resources to ensure the needs of all your data consumers and Text Search which enables search-based analytics on a range of text data, including machine logs and sentiment analysis of short text, such as tweets or product reviews.

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