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Who's Winning With Vertica?

Watch the videos below to hear some of the success stories from the game changing community of Vertica users.

451 Group’s Impact Report on Vertica

Matt Aslett, senior analyst at the 451 Group, reports on Vertica’s progress over the last year and future plans. Aslett discusses Vertica’s product, technology, strategic planning and competition. According to Aslett, “Vertica is now arguably the biggest independent challenger to the datawarehousing giants.”

Download the full report (.pdf)

Analytic Platforms: Beyond the Traditional Data Warehouse

This report from Merv Adrian and Colin White of the B-Eye Network examines the analytic platform, the business needs it meets, the technologies that drive it, and the uses analytic platforms are being put to. It concludes with some guidance on making the right choices and getting started with the products of choice.

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Big Data Market Size and Vendor Revenues

Jeff Kelly, David Vellante, and David Floyer from Wikibon deliver a research report on the Big Data market size and vendor revenues, and Vertica, An HP Company, comes out in the number one spot for the Big Data pure play vendors.  According to the report, “big data is the new definitive source of competitive advantage across all industries. For those organizations that understand and embrace the new reality of big data, the possibilities for new innovation, improved agility, and increased profitability are nearly endless.”

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Data Management for BI – Big Data, Bigger Insight, Superior Performance

Michael Locke from Aberdeen Group delivers a report on the impact of “Big Data” on business intelligence. According to the report, “An ever-increasing number of industries and job roles struggle mightily to drink from the proverbial fire hose of data to produce something meaningful and useful for business.” This report covers how some of the best-in-class organizations handle big data.

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Ovum Technology Audit – Vertica Analytic DBMS

Ovum takes a deep-dive technology audit of Vertica’s Analytic Database that is designed specifically for storing and querying large datasets. Ovum states, “Vertica’s differentiator is that it combines a columnar database engine with massively parallel processing (MPP) and shared-nothing architecture, aggressive data-compression rates, and high availability. Column-based databases can be slow deleting and updating data, and Vertica addresses this by using a hybrid store that handles write, update, and insert operations. The store also makes the data available for queries in-memory. Ovum believes that Vertica’s technology could be applicable across a range of markets among companies that have a mix of analytical requirements.”

Download the full report (.pdf)