HP Vertica Documentation

HP Vertica Core Documentation

[Release Notes] [Supported Platforms] [HTML] [PDF]
Access complete information about configuring and using the latest release of HP Vertica. (For earlier releases, see the links in the sidebar.)

New! HP Vertica Distributed R Documentation

[Release Notes] [HTML User Guide] [PDF User Guide] [Package Manuals]
Access complete information about installing and using the HP Vertica Distributed R distributed statistical-computing environment.

Technology Partner Integrations

Learn more about HP Vertica integrations with third-party products. These resources help you connect to and succeed with products developed by our technology partners. You can also find information about our offering on Amazon Web Services.

New! HP Vertica OnDemand Documentation

Learn how to get started in the cloud with HP Vertica OnDemand. Use these guides as supplements to our core documentation.

HP Vertica Online Tutorials

Use our online video tutorials to learn about HP Vertica features.

Hardware Recommendations and Best Practices

Access these guides for guidance on appropriately sizing the hardware you should use to get the best performance for your HP Vertica installation. We also provide additional guidance on configuring specific hardware for HP Vertica.