Communications & Service Providers

Society becomes more connected daily; SMS, MMS, video on demand, email, and basic mobile conversations are a few examples of the countless ways people interact electronically.  All of these experiences create very unique, detailed records that if analyzed properly, enable providers to not only understand the behaviors and expectation of their subscribers but also develop services and applications to enhance their customer’s experience.

The Vertica Analytics Platform enables telecommunications providers to analyze and make informed decisions in near real time with unparalleled efficiency, performance, and scalability.

Our telecommunications customers and partners routinely address the following challenges:

  • Determine behaviors that may ultimately create customer and / or product churn
  • Understand customer experiences at a transactional level and determine investment criteria
  • Optimize offerings and portfolio in a highly competitive market targeting high value, high margin infrastructure and applications based upon empirical data
  • Analyze volumes of data in near real time that eclipse the capabilities of legacy infrastructures

Leveraging the Vertica Analytics Platform, our telecommunications customers and partners derive benefits relating to capacity management, performance, scalability, and availability.  A few examples include:

  • Significantly higher customer satisfaction, retention and profitability
  • Portfolio optimization focused on alleviating high cost, low value products and services
  • Dynamically managing and scaling portfolio without sacrificing details of any individual customer, transaction or product
  • Store, access, analyze, and monetize the vast amounts of customer and network data without sacrificing time, scale, or detail