Purpose Built For OEM

HP Vertica customers get acquired and win awards!

HP Vertica is not only purpose-built for real-time, advanced analytics but also OEM. The database’s columnar architecture and flexible, SQL front-end infuses software and hardware vendors with a compelling competitive advantage.

Finding more meaningful value in data

With dozens of customers and thousands of end-users, HP Vertica has the most successful OEM Program in the Big Data space.

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Why embed HP Vertica?

  • Real-time, simultaneously load and query
  • Static and ad-hoc queries
  • Advanced analytics
  • Extreme compression enabling significantly more data storage in a similar footprint to existing solutions
  • Unrivaled scalability
  • Out-of-the box integration with numerous third party visualization, ETL, Hadoop and statistical solutions (R) and SAS
  • Insight on structured and unstructured data from multiple data stores
  • Mixed workloads
  • Value
  • High concurrency

Practical and simple to embed.

  • It takes two minutes to install
  • The software is only 80 Megabytes
  • Runs in the cloud as well as on-premise
  • Leverages inexpensive commodity hardware
  • Runs on a single node/appliance up to hundreds of nodes (with no ceiling)
    • Scales up and down with ease
  • Database Designer eliminates expensive and time-consuming pre-aggregation efforts.
    • Can roll-out to customers ready to go…
  • Built-in high availability for three or more nodes


Due to HP Vertica’s relational architecture and software only focus, the migration effort from legacy databases is a fluid process as much of the existing code can function in HP Vertica. Over half of HP Vertica’s OEM customers migrated from legacy OLTP databases such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server experiencing 50-1000 times query and as much as a 100 times load improvement.

HP Vertica vs. NoSQL

Recently, HP Vertica has received steady demand from prospects using Hadoop and NoSQL solutions. Hadoop was never intended for real-time, ad hoc analytics and NoSQL solutions were designed for transactions not analytics. Neither technology integrates well with third party solutions or existing code given their lack of SQL.

Industries Powered by HP Vertica

  • Network management |
  • Security |
  • Financial Services |
  • Insurance |
  • Marketing |
  • Transportation |
  • Manufacturing |
  • Retail |
  • Healthcare |
  • Utilities/Smart Meter

Commercial Terms

Financially, HP Vertica’s OEM Program is designed to fit your business model. We work with our customers to ensure that HP Vertica is not only a technical fit but also a financial one as well. Your success is our success.


HP Vertica sets our OEM customers up for success. HP Vertica offers comprehensive training and professional services to speed your time to market. Once you are in production, HP Vertica’s customer support is as responsive as our queries.

OEM Customers