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Transform & Monetize Your Big Data With Operations Analytics

Communication networks and their associated switches, billing systems, and service departments generate hundreds of millions of individual call details records (CDRs) daily. Terabytes to petabytes of dynamic customer data continues to grow exponentially as carriers add new services and as IP-based traffic increases.

Recent advances in Big Data analytics technologies have made possible solutions and approaches to monetize big data; these were impossibly expensive and complex just a few years ago. Companies are leveraging big data to reconnect with customers with a full understanding of their needs, detect business trends and opportunities, timely detect fraud, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Operations analytics has been successfully used to improve multiple aspects of operations such as:

  • Enabling new business models
    Companies realize that the information they have is an untapped asset, and potentially new revenue streams.
  • Optimize business
    Increase revenue through more-targeted marketing and to reduce expenses by identifying cost and revenue leakages.
  • Improve customer experience
    Launch new innovative services quickly and gain deep customer empathy to personalize offerings.
  • Differentiate from competition
    By embracing future market opportunities as connected devices, machine-to-machine (M2M) devices, and oriented sensors are proliferating at an incredible growth rate, fueling the amount of data collected.
  • Reduce churn
    Better segment customers, to provide more-targeted marketing spend with the insight to predict churn, cross sell opportunities, the quality of customer experience and customer value.
  • Reduce Cost
    Provision for product managers to better understand which services are most profitable, the impact of competitive offerings, and the impact of “cannibalization” caused by a new service launch.
  • Improve operational efficiencies
    Allow network operations’ ability to predict capacity issues and the impact of a new service launch.