HP Vertica Flex Zone

Simply and cost-effectively shine a light on dark data

  • Explore semi-structured data using SQL
  • Simplify preparation, extraction an access to data
  • Tap into the power of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to monetize your data

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HP Vertica Flex Zone Features

It can be challenging to explore new forms of semi-structured data. HP Vertica Flex Zone gives you the power to quickly and easily load, explore, analyze, and monetize rapidly growing forms of semi-structured and structured data.

  • Auto-schematizationTMeliminate the need for creating coding intensive schemas prior to loading data for exploration.
  • Faster load times—quickly and easily load and iteratively query data enabling fast queries. When you’re ready to use the data as part of your daily analytics, a simple promotion from exploration to production in HP Vertica Enterprise Edition will let you analyze your data even faster.
  • Faster query times—increase the productivity of your developers and DBAs, and obtain a considerably lower total cost of ownership than traditional data warehouses.