Database Designer & Administration Tools

Vertica’s Database Designer and Administration Tools allow for powerful tuning and control with minimal administration effort. In traditional database environments, DBAs spend a lot of time and money identifying performance problems and optimizing a database physical design, usually after their users have already encountered problems and SLAs have not been met.

Vertica’s Database Designer

Vertica’s Database Designer can be run at setup and as often as wanted thereafter, while the system is online to proactively analyze the schema, query stream, workload and other statistics, automating the physical design optimization process. What might take DBA’s months of work in a traditional data warehouse, Vertica’s Database Designer can automate in a few minutes. A major benefit of Vertica’s Database Designer is that it can simultaneously optimize multiple tables and queries. Best of all, even if DBA’s and users choose not to run the Database Designer at all, Vertica still takes advantage of its functionality to ensure designs are always optimized.

Installation and Cluster Management

Vertica’s Installation and Cluster Management facilities automate software upgrades, installation of Vertica on new (or replacement) nodes, node sparing, and redistribution of data and workload as elastic clusters change node count. All administrative operations are non-disruptive, maintaining constant data availability and avoiding costly downtime.

Integrate Vertica with Your Monitoring Environment

Vertica provides an API (application programming interface) for monitoring various features and functions within a database in the form of system tables. System tables expose details about vertica operation: system load, catalog meta-data, query performance, fault tolerance, conditions needing DBA attention, and more. Since they are exposed as tables, they can be included in arbitrary SQL statements (for example, joined against each other or even data tables). You can use external monitoring tools or scripts to query the system tables and act upon the information as necessary. Additionally, Vertica provides SNMP events support to allow the database to proactively report issues to the administrator. These features make it very easy to extend the Vertica Administration Tools into your own monitoring and operations environment.