Columnar Storage & Execution

It’s no wonder why all of the major data warehousing vendors are trying to morph their outdated architectures to leverage columnar technology- column stores offer significant gains in performance, I/O, storage footprint, and efficiency when it comes to analytic workloads. Why read and retrieve all columns in the database if you don’t need all of them?

Vertica is the Pioneer in Next-Generation Column Stores

Unlike traditional database vendors who struggle with retrofitting columnar storage into their legacy code for marginal gains, Vertica’s columnar orientation was deliberately designed into the core of the platform from day one. This means that all Vertica components are columnar-aware so that we deliver superior compression and encoding, better and more efficient relational join performance, and our engine is able to operate on this compressed columnar data without having to unpack it.

All of this happens under the covers, so end-users and third-party tools interface with Vertica the same way they would with any other RDBMS. The difference is that reports run orders of magnitude faster against much larger data sets in Vertica, especially ad-hoc reports. Vertica’s native columnar storage and execution, along with Vertica’s advanced sorting capabilities offer all of the benefits of indexes and materialized views without the overhead of having to manage them.